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May 9, 2012
surfin surfin I just wasted several minutes of my life reading this ;)
As an outsider looking this is how I saw it.

1. Everyone agrees that we have enough money to buy Ranger, right?
2. 250k (or round about) would be the maximum amount to spend, right?
3. Surfin is saying that just because we have enough to spend doesn't mean we have to.
4. Twig, Moz and OMG took that to mean you think we shouldn't spend it on Ranger.
5. Tyrael makes a good point, saying that your posts seemed as if you were implying we shouldn't sign Ranger (I thought so too).
6. By the looks of things you didn't, meaning this was all just a big misunderstanding. :)

Now its time to kiss, make up and support the Mighty Warriors, dag nabbit!
L_m just wants to say thanks for being a mod.:rolleyes:

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