General Can we win it this year or next?

Yes or no

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I would be surprised to see the young halves get anywhere near the team in the first quarter of the season, I'm expecting SK to go with Hiku for a number of reasons, upper most is that he said he wants to.

As much as I loath the idea, Warriors coaches tend to er on the side of conservatism when it comes to giving young players NRL time.

Even if they do get a run expect to see them pulled by some predetermined algorithm in the coaches head about kpis etc.

T hats what happened to the young hooker from the Titans, nearly scores four Try's on début and disappears.

To be fair to the coaches they are responsible when they over expose young players like so many we have seen in the past and effectively kill their careers.

So yeah not expecting us to be in the top eight after ten weeks, battling for the rest of the season. Scraping into the eight would be impressive.

Melbourne fiddled with their halves at the start of the season and crashed down the table spectacularly, they rebounded by virtue of their super players and their system, the very thing we should be placing highest on our list of goals, having a winning system, always being hard to beat, even if we don’t make the finals.
Id like to think we can make some progress in the next 5 years to become a force and to realistically challenge for the title. Next 2 years is a pipedream. There's still a lot of improvements that need to be done. You won't get substantial change to be a perennial contender or force that is needed in a year or two. It will be a great result if we can make the 8 next year.

Warriors fans : "yeah we can win the title this or next year because we made the top 8 in a 16 team comp last season. But yeah don't ask about the previous 6 years".

We would have been a force this year ..
An I agree we are not going to be shiny in the halve.
But we have a forward pack .That's only getting better .
An a back line that includes Roger Tuivasa-Sheck an Fusitua both are super stars .
But this year is a bust .we are 1 million under the cap
On the upside next year we can go shopping .
As aposed to settling for who we can get .Right now .
So I really think we can win it as soon as next year ..
Big recruitment news should be coming at the end of this season .
Fun times .I want Latrell Mitchell Cronk . who knows ?
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Who would've thought that the Cowboys would win before the Warriors? That's highly embarrassing, since both clubs began in the same year and the worriers are still no closer to being NRL champions.

with that stacked team in 2015 !!, hell yeah i imagine most could see the cowboys beating us to a premiership
A win for me this season is to finish higher than the sharks >> so prob top-4

to go all the way we need other teams to have major issues the cronks to be out with injuries etc and some of our young players to
play out of their skins AK - Hayze and are forward pack to be the most dominant in the game ... and REFs to be neutral across the season .... in other words 1-100 chance but hey lets GONE warriors ... looking for one of the biggest upsets in NRL history