General Bus 4 Cronulla Vs Warriors 16th June


Dr Faggot
Mar 30, 2012
Hey mate, sounds good. How about a little more information?? :D

Where's it going from? Date, time etc etc ....

I'll also move this to the social forum.


Negative Nancy
Mar 30, 2012
Hey all...we are organizing a bus to go to the cronulla vs warriors game. Pls spread da word :) da more the merrier..
welcome :)

what about the bbq? ;)

get your members to sign up on here if you want and ill create an event that ppl can register towards for all sydney supporter group events :)


1st Grade Fringe
May 3, 2012
Storm game mate. cannot wait! my 1st ever mt smart game
theres a group of us from this and those other forums that watch the juniors from the d zone behind the goalposts next to the Lion red container, Come over and say hello..............just look for the little guy in the hat


Warriors Bench Player
May 18, 2012
Thanks gee. will def try and remember those directions. Keep an eye out for my dreads and piercings lol.
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