All games pre 2021

Who will win?

  • Warriors 13+

  • Warriors 12-

  • Warriors JANFIN Special by 6

  • DRAW

  • Bulldogs 12-

  • Bulldogs 13+

  • Bulldogs to maul us!

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Its like a game, we are the runners and the other teams the chases. We need to stay in the lead to win and not let them catch us.
Golden penalty is my pick for tonight.
I think it will be that close too. i understand the irrational predictions that we're going to get mauled. But I think if the forwards turn up it will be super close. I expect the backs to fire up and Tui and Shaun Johnson to just lay on the attack. They better not be timid in this one or heads will roll..
Expectations aren't high for this...all i want to see is a game officiated fairly, the new halves combo to show potential and for the boys to put in an 80 min effort.

If a win comes from all this then that's a bonus :)
the past 4 games dogs are 2-2. Got beaten well by Parra 20-6 and then smashed bunnies and then lost to raiders at home 20-8. So going on last weeks win over storm is not convincing. They seem to be just as inconsistent. I agree there forwards are bigger but if we aim up we will be in this for sure!


Just another day in paradise
How's eveyone feeling today?

I've been a irritable this week so hopefully this game will snap me out of my bad mood or make it worst.
Last time I went to a warriors game here in Welly I wanted to see Tomkins play live, and he was the organiser of our defense. He was always yelling at where he needed our boys to be. I can't wait to see Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and Luke play live. We'll be heading in around 6.30 should be there by 7.

As for crowd numbers my very first warriors game at the cake tin was around 18,000 people, That was 3 years ago. When they played the doggies. That was the highest crowd number of the round from memory. Two years ago against the Tigers, they got around 16,000 I was there as well. Then last year with the bad weather, I didn't go because I was sick, but my work mates went, they stayed for about 10-15 mins and as the Warriors were losing badly, they thought fuck this, and left. There wasn't many people there last year. So if around 17,000 people is predicted tonight, I'd say that's really good.

Come on the Warriors. I picked the Bulldogs to win in KO Tipping, I'm still leaning towards the Warriors, but if I'm there and we get a win, I'll be very happy both ways. At least we got the win, I'll gladly drop a week for that.
I think that our defense isn't that bad. I think what happens is that teams score off us as a result of our offense either making an error or our defense committing an error. Would be interesting to see how often the opposition scores from one of those two: errors or penalties. I bet it's close to 50%.
This is going to be very interesting for a number of reasons.

Is Hoffman going to nut off at the refs tonight?

Are Lolo and Shaun Johnson going to click in the halves?

Will our smallish forward pack get butt raped?

And how is Fusitua going to go on the wing? He's an awesome talent. Probably more talented than Hurrell. But in the past he's been soft as fuck on defense. Is the Blake Ayshford effect going to be the same with him as it was with Lolohea? If so then Ayshford could be one of the best signings in Warriors history. If not then more meh:meh:.
I think the TAB is drunk. 1.82 for the Bulldogs and 4.10 Bulldogs 13+

Think I will put a 20 on each.

Go Warriors!
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