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Because the CEO everyone rates is in reality completely incompetent
Hi Chris;). It seems the knives will be out for JD but to be fair he was well aware our roster was full of bludgers and the previous recruitment manager had put them there. Was he to trust Tony Iro when he was able to attract top ranking Kiwis home? Sadly Luke has been a waste of money, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck has been injured, Manu is ready for the knackers yard and should never have been resigned, but there are signs to me that things are changing. Kearney is trying to impose his pattern on a side when he doesn't have the cattle he had in the Kiwis. Previous Warriors teams would have allowed 40 points in tonight, but scored more than 12, but they still would have lost. Mark graham tried the same thing but like Kearney didn't have the cattle.

JD's one last hope is that Foran can do something special in directing play. I am not holding my breath because we don't have the depth.

I just wonder whether it is true Bennett will not be at the Broncos next season? If he isn't I wonder where he is going?
We held their forwards but we are severely shit.Mind you that's what you get when you have theTongan back line plus a princess.
Kearneys career stats are not going to be improved with us.
We are fucking useless,let's see what the coach says tonight.I hate these Friday games because it ruins the weekend.No wonder the Aussie media take the piss we are embarrassing.
He's 51 games in and the fact is we are a much worse team now than when he first took on the role.

First season we were top 4 before Shaun Johnson broke his ankle. Blooded a lot of rookies. Injured Tomkins.

Season 2 Roger Tuivasa-Sheck injured yet still nearly made the 8 (players again dropping the ball late season).

Season 3 TBD - can't make any assessment after 2 rounds without 2 key players - Roger Tuivasa-Sheck (only playerd 90 mins this season), Foran (our only top recruit).

The key is how Kearney responds to poor performing players. Axe needs to he welded and putting the best players in the best positions to succeed.

Again, players.


Total tackles for the Bulldogs were 31 more than the Warriors and the won. That is a NO NO. You win the tackle count you win the game in the NRL. WTF is going on with these attacking coaches? Vatuvei did SFA. I idolised the guy, he is a legend but he is past it. Kearney made a mistake risking him.
Forwards are proving how worthless they really are for 6th year in a row can't hold there own with anyone. Game plan if there was one was shit players didn't look they even wanted to play except an few there is so many rubbish players at this club at the supposed "spine"is gonna fix this??

This team's problems it's weak fucking forwards in the middle until they gets addressed we won't have an shot at winning many games seriously they look the worst team in the Comp so far.

So frustrated and so angry as an fan of this club
If you look through this team tonight how many players would start on the stronger teams in the NRL, not many. Shaun Johnson, Fusitua, Mannering and thats probably it.
This team has too many players that are not up to NRL standard and I think thats an area where JD hasn't succeeded. He's spent so much on our spine, that its taken its toll on the rest of the squad. Keep a starting spine of Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Foran, Ata and Roache for next year. Will be much cheaper and money can be spent on improving other positions and replacing the absolutely shit players we have. We desperately need a player clean out
Fuck me if a lot of these guys are playing for a contract then they can expect a big fukn downgrade some can just f off. Johnson the million dollar man my arse when ya need him to run he shovels it on or kicks straight into the defensive line. Kata has ben found out they just swarm on him cause the fool aint guna pass. Mac Banana an jones coaching the attack, wot attack? Need sheck, mutts an foran asap. That was hard to watch
Jeez, was that a prime example of two teams in early season shit mode or what?

Bulldogs gave the Warriors tons of chances and the Warriors were unable to take advantage of those chances.

Weelllll past time that we began asking if it's player cleanout time. I think it might be. Rd 3 is probably too early to make a definitive call - we lost our first 3 in the Great Year of 2011 let's not forget - but on this performance we're going to go into Origin time in a shit position again.

Lolohea out, Luke on the bench and Clark can start, if Vatuvei's out give some young winger a debut. If Tuivasa-Sheck's still out (incidentally, even if a player passes his concussion tests my inclination would be to give them an extra week off, be on the safe side) Fusitua to FB.

One interesting point: Is this the first time ever an Australian commentator has debunked the "huge Warriors pack" myth?? Glad I was sitting down....

I hereby swear to you all one and all fine gentlemen that I will never ever involve myself in the Warriors again.

Until Tuesday 5:00PM.
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