Gameday < 2021 Bulldogs vs Warriors Gameday Chatter [Round 23, 2018]

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  • Warriors Impound!

  • Warriors 12-

  • Warriors JANFIN Special by 6

  • Bulldogs 12-

  • Bulldogs Mauling!

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This is probably our worst loss of the season after the Titans game. Dogs are a pathetic footy team and we somehow fucking lost to them.

I'm legitimately picking us to miss the finals now.
What a cluster fuck of a game. No urgency, no desire, no heart.

If we make it through to finals, and that's a big IF, guaran-fucking-teed we get bailed out in the first week.

Losing to the Bulldogs.

Fucking soft.
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Whats the point of making the 8 if we get spanked in the first week. This one of the ruck shit is the same shit we have done for 7 years. We cant set up try to save ourselves. Season over
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So hilarious that they didn't even treat the drop goal as a threat.

Because (like all fucking game) the morons in our team thought they were 'too good' to lose to a bottom 8 team. Sound familiar? It should. Same fucking story every year. The mentally weak retards in our team assume that because they've somehow fumbled their way into the 8 that they're untouchable.

I'm furious.
Lewis being interviewed by Noddy after the game and in the background I can see bunty laughing and play sparring with Ogden I believe, attitude sucks in this team.
Fairly expected. Win against who we should lose, lose against who we should win, its been easy all season.

We will beat the panthers, fact. We might lose to raiders.

Good game Lewis you were stand out for doggies.
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I played in a team like this years ago, we could beat the top teams, but would lose to the lower teams. We struggled for the season and lost in the end. Here we go again!
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