General Brian Smith & Roosters Part Ways


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Apr 10, 2012
Hang on hang on. This quote gives me hope

Roosters Chairman Nick Politis said: “One of Brian’s greatest strengths is developing young talent and he wholeheartedly embraced our strategic plan in relation to developing talented young players and he leaves the club in an extremely strong position in this area. A man of strong values, Brian embraced the club’s values – honesty, respect, self-control, pride in the Roosters jersey – and leaves behind a strong culture that will continue to grow moving forward.''
But then I've always been hopelessly optimistic.


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May 9, 2012
I agree :eek: so who's the PLAN B?????? behind Bellamy......

Sheens hopefully! I would consider taking Gary Kemble before Smith!! haha just kidding, but I dont want Kearney or Iro so if it came down to being a choice between Smith, Kearney and Iro then I would have to take Smith :(

Hopefully Bellamy or Sheens I'm hoping for personally......otherwise should be be looking at guys like Steve Folkes before Brian Smith?
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