Internationals Bowens omission slammed


Bowen omission slammed
By Josh Massoud
May 2, 2006

THE father of Kangaroo discard Matt Bowen has slammed Karmichael Hunt's selection as a "kick in the backside" and a "smack in the face".

After famously cheering his son's golden-point intercept in the Origin opener last year, Richard Bowen was last night livid when told his son had been overlooked in favour of the untried 19-year-old.

"That's sad, sad, sad ... very sad," Bowen Sr told The Daily Telegraph from his remote Hope Vale property in Far North Queensland.

"I'm very upset. I don't think Matty has been given a fair go.

"I think it's a smack in the face. Someone must have very bitter feelings against Matty from somewhere down the track.

"Who would have thought Karmichael Hunt was going to be picked? He was a Kiwi last month."

Bowen Sr's doubts over Hunt's credentials were yesterday backed by a Daily Telegraph investigation into the 2006 form of the NRL's best fullbacks.

Of 18 statistical categories used to measure their game, Hunt did not top one.

According to NRL Stats, Parramatta's Wade McKinnon rated No.1 over the first eight weeks.

But Bowen - widely tipped to build on his solitary Test appearance in the event of Anthony Minichiello being unavailable - headed five categories including try assists and line-break assists.
"He can dodge and weave out of the blocks. He's a one in a million," Bowen Sr said.

"I never heard about Karmichael Hunt in the squad. There was Matty and Minichiello ... it's a kick in the backside really."

To make matters worse, the incumbent Queensland fullback had already made plans to fly his dad to Brisbane for the first time since last year's Origin.

"He has been looking forward to this since he was a kid. He said, 'I'm going to be like Allan Langer' and now his dream is shattered,"

Bowen Sr said. "He will be cut up. He will be bitter."

i admit bowens the best fullback in the comp ...... very unlucky to miss out


Mate what is the problem with the Australian selectors. it's better for us that Hunt's in the team over Bowen. But this is up there with as one of the biggest rip-offs in a while.

I know they have been Aboliginal people that have been selected in the team before but I can't decide what is the bigger travesty Bowen being left out or the lack of respect Nathan Blacklock got from the selectors when he was playing in the NRL.

Mundine might have been onto something.


When you look at it deeper, its bloody sad actually. This has been a dream for Bowen and now because of sports politics he doesn't get picked.

This sucks. Although I can't wait for Hunt to get smacked around, I feel for Bowen and wish he was playing.


This is a travesty. As the the test is being played in QL i hope hunt is booed by kiwis and the queenslanders.

big taniwha styles_old

yeah I cant understand it, im suprised that people arent siting racism. I dont know if I agree with that, Matt Sing was a regular in the aussie team for years and Petro's still going strong. Its hard to find another reason for Bowen being left out, especially for Hunt because they play simialr type attacking roles only Bowen seems much more dangerous. If they choose a safe defensive fullback I could maybe understand.


As I said in another thread I think Bowen should have been the number 1 selection for fullback without Mini there.


Remeber the anzac test a few years ago when villa chose to play for the aussies. They got slammed and villa never played rep footy again. This could really bite kunt in the bum.


one eyed warrior could be on to somethink , one and only test/



Should all be pissed off about Hunts inclusion.

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