G`day, mates... your posts were all chrrrr, sweet as, good as gold in teaching me how to talk kiwi. Good on ya`, mates, and you too, Spunkies!!

Thought I`d share a little Boston talk with ya` and teach you guys how ta` tahhhhlk right next time you`re in Beantown.

WICKED GOOD (really good)
PISSAH - excellent
WICKED PISSAH - wicked excellent - doesn`t get any better than that!
Hoopie - crazy (That guy`s f#$@ HOOPIE!)
Jerk off - wanker
peckah head - wanker
so don`t I - so do I
New York Yankees - evil empire
obligatory t-shirt to wear at Yankees/Red Sox game - YANKEES SUCK
Bang a left - turn left while driving
Pull a U-IE - make a u-turn
Rotary - roundabout (a.k.a. Suicide Circle cuz there are very few of
them in Boston and nobody really knows nor cares who`s supposed
to give way)
Yield sign - Give Way sign
Chowdahead - idiot (somehow named after New England clam chowder)
Tonic - fizzie drink
Angry - Bullshit, as in "I was SO BULLSHIT!"
F***stick, Touchhole, S***forbrains, Dickwad - wanker
Shopping trolley - shopping carriage
Rubber bands - elastics
Frappe - milkshake or malted
Screw you and the horse you rode in on, PAL - piss off
PAL - greeting to someone who`s just made you BULLSHIT
Just pass the jerk - overtaking
See ya` in the funny papers - you belong in a comic strip, idiot
If that guy had 6 more brains he`d have an even 1/2 dozen
Packie - liquor store
Packie run - popular pasttime in Boston

my personal favorite - while pretending to speak into the fake police microphone mounted on your shoulder, make a KKHHHHHHH (walkie talkie static sound) and say "What the F***, OVER?" - means total confusion/bewilderment anywhere near where the Kennedy's lived?
Moseport or chapaquidic or something...
They live about a 40 minute drive from Boston in Hyannisport, located on Cape Cod, RS... and no, I`ve never met them! LOL!!!
Good stuff AmeriKiwi
Glad to know we're not the only weird ones on this planet ;)
Always used to watch This Old House and Ask This Old House on Sky. Always in Massachusetts. The elongated "A" like in waater or waasher cracks me up.
Yeah exactly Polar Bob, i use to watch that reality program beauty and beasts.....guy called Brian from Boston won.

Man he spoke funny... Briaaan from Boooaston
RS_Dragon said:
do ya speck with the same accent as the kennedys?
NOONE speaks with the same accent as the Kennedy`s... everyone talks like NOOOHHHM (Norm) on This Old House, as Polar Bob mentioned.
Yeh you might all speak funny but by god you make the best clam chowder I have ever tasted, also the crab anint too bad either.

Boston cab drivers are somewhat different tho!

If yoos guys think they speak funny you aught to talk to a yonkers guy ( From New York city)
We say rubber bands...well down here in the deeep soufff we do:p
I have never tried clam chowder, it sounds truly horrible.
Go the Red Sox.
warriors4life said:
Amerikiwi, do you support the Celtics?

Yeah, W4L, been a longtime fan of the Celtics, although their glory days ended with Larry Bird and company`s retirement back in the 80`s... but not before the Celtics won 16 NBA championships. Awesome to see the banners hanging from the stadium in Boston!
Boston truly does have amongst the most loyal sports fans in the world, and I don`t say that just because it`s my old home, simply because it`s true. New England Patriots games are sold out years in advance, and it`s been like that since even before they won their 1st Superbowl.
The Red Sox fans have been filling Fenway Park, the oldest baseball park in America, for years upon years, although we all had to wait 86 years for the Sox to win their second World Series championship... previous one was in 1918! Just a great sports town and a city with a lot of character (and characters!! LOL!) describes Boston to a tee.
RS_Dragon said:
any relationship between the red sox and the white sox?

None at all, really... Boston and Chicago, both American League (as opposed to National League) teams.
RS_Dragon said:
in the deep south you guys say yours R's funny.
Indeed we do 8)
We roll our r's...i cant stand how people say purple and its like ... damn i cant spell it but it has no rolled r lol
Go_The_Doggies said:
RS_Dragon said:
in the deep south you guys say yours R's funny.
Indeed we do 8)
We roll our r's...i cant stand how people say purple and its like ... damn i cant spell it but it has no rolled r lol

At least you HAVE an R to roll... it doesn`t exist in Boston, and has been entirely replaced with an H, except when it`s a word that begins with an R... Red Sox, Ralph (a.k.a. barfing, tossing your cookies, riding the porcelain bus), or Rolaids (antacids after too much pizza and bee-ah).

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