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This looks interesting an academic interested in History of NZ Rugby League has been given $15,000 grant to write a book article says the author is interested in the unique culture of New Zealand Rugby League throughout its history from association with Trade Unions, Irish Catholics, Maori Kingitanga movement & Pacific immigrant communities and there descendants.


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Jun 21, 2012
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Book will likely be published as a small run and expensive. Will be worth the read.

A great read is one called From All Blacks to All Golds: New Zealand's Rugby League pioneers by John Haynes. Goes into depth about leagues origins in NZ and all the bullshit they copped from rugby and the media for wanting to be paid. Interesting to see that anti league sentiment has its roots right back to NZ rugby leagues roots. Had a short run so cost a bit at first but managed to pick an old library copy. If anyone wants to read it I'll happily post it to you...


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Sep 1, 2015
Book will likely be published as a small run and expensive. Will be worth the read.
No doubt. The history of the game here is a hell of a story for sure. I remember Phil Gifford writing about league once "A game that can get 13 wharfies and freezing workers together without a union delegate can't be all bad". That comment was supposed to be a liberal viewpoint too.

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I can think of a lot of groups that at one time or another have been and or still are linked to Rugby League in NZ, Coal Miners in Huntly & West Coast, Forestry workers in Tokoroa, Freezing workers, Wharfies & Railway workers. Tokelau community in Wellingtons now defunct club Korodale & St George Club in Porrirua were/are mostly Tokelauns.

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