General Bird released from contract with Sharks


Greg Bird will not play in the National Rugby League this season after Cronulla on Friday released the former Test player from his contract.

After months of speculation, the former State of Origin star's fate was announced in a joint statement by the player's management and the Sharks.
While the terms of the release are confidential, it can be confirmed that included in the conditions Greg Bird will not register an NRL contract for 2009 nor play for another NRL club during the 2009 season.
There has been speculation he will seek to join either Wigan or Warrington in Britain's Super League.


Wow. Big change. I always thought he was a wasted talent - as in, he wasted it by being a grub. Even so, I wouldn't wish unemployment on anyone.


If Carny can't get a ESL contract due to visa problems linked to past efforts will Bird?


good to see that that conflict is over between the sharks and bird as it would have beencostly for the sharks if it went to court.


Be interesting if he stays there for 2010 or somes back to the NRl so he is eligable for SOO and Australia.


what ricky stuart has to say on the matter:

Ricky Stuart believes Bird will come back stronger from his year in England
By Ricky Stuart
January 18, 2009 GREG Bird turned up at a dinner that the club put on for the Cronulla players on Friday night.

None of the players knew he was coming and they had only found out an hour before that he had been released from the club.

Greg walked in and sat down, and in his eyes I could see the relief that it was all over.

That was the first thing I saw.

As the night wore on Greg was the same old Greg - the good old Greg - and by the time I left the players to it, I could see something else in him.

He has a point to prove.

Greg plans to go to the English Super League to play a season there, then come back to Australia and rebuild his NRL career.

He didn't say it verbally, but everything else about him said it. Ever since this thing happened last year, which I cannot discuss because it still has to go before our courts, I have worried about him, been frustrated by him, felt protective of him, been disappointed by him and hoped for him.

You name the emotion, as coaches we feel it.

But the truth is, no matter how valuable somebody might be as a player to your team, it had to happen this way.

It is a changing world, and the pressure from sponsors and fans has ensured the game can't be what it used to be.

And that is not a bad thing.

The only way it should have been different is that it should have been resolved quicker.

It was a long, drawn-out process. Too long, and because of that we all lost in a way. I called him into camp when I was coaching Australia, before we played Fiji, and told him I thought the club might release him.

But I said I don't think that is a bad thing.

Given the NRL would most likely deregister him, I said I thought he needed to get away from Cronulla, the NRL and Australia and get himself together.

He didn't totally agree at the time, and it took some time for it to happen, but it has happened now and it is the best result for Greg, whether he understands that now or not.

I'm not sure he does understand yet, but I'm sure he will.

Both Greg and the club needed this. He is a young man whose life has been football. He needs the game, but he also needs to go away and understand what he had and what he lost.

I can tell you what sort of man he is deep down, but until he comes back and shows it they are just empty words.

A year playing in England will give him time to think, and time to realise the opportunities he had and lost.

In time, he will realise he made a mistake and that the club acted the only way it could.

And he will realise that what happened was the only thing that could have happened under the circumstances.

And then he will get a second chance, which I for one will be willing to give him.

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It's a shanme because I thought Greg Bird was a talent.

However when you go over to play in england, it's like all of a sudden you become a nobody....or a forgotten name!

Tim Smith, Matt King, Jake Webster etc

And un-fortunately I think Greg Bird, and of course Greg Eastwood will fall into this category now going over to england!

It's a shame to lose talent like that from our competition.


Wow, Ricky Stuart lamenting how long it took for the club to release Greg Bird? People in glass houses...


If Carny can't get a ESL contract due to visa problems linked to past efforts will Bird?

I think he will since to my knowledge he hasn't actually been convicted of anything yet. Carney had a few prior offenses where he was convicted which obviously didn't work too well in his favour