Internationals Bennet v Stuart


Bennet has given up. His backdoor antics at Sydney airport showed that. Stuart has jumped in. Booze is blamed by officials close to the team as one of the reasons why the Kangaroos lost their first series in a million years. The lack of passion being another reason according to Stuart. Bennet and Stuart spend the rest of the week dissing each other. QLD v NSW. No wonder International league is hamstrung by the pettiness (I can think of a better word) of leagues superpowers. The gangster solution to the problem of balancing power and vision is to beat up the abuser. Like the Kiwis did in the tri-nations. When the day comes when Australia can admit that they were beaten by a better team the planet wil be a happier place. Don't hold your breath. Anyway, my question is, what will the change of coach have on our chances in next years tri-nations? With McClennan, I reckon none. But it's been a funny sideshow for the last week. A bit like watching the Simpsons. Stupid but entertaining.


Bluey will only get better.

We will have more of our first class boys back.

Another year passes, more NZ talent comes into the NRL.

The passion to repeat this years feat will be there.

The passion for the NZ jersey will be even greater.

They won't stand a chance.

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