General Benji Marshall

He's had an interesting career from the young game breaking superstar and all of the early injuries. To one of the games biggest stars and NZ test captain. Then to looking past it when around the time he left the Tigers and went to the Blues.

When he came back to the NRL and was at the Dragons he wasn't the same player. No longer the game breaker but finally getting better at the game management he was previously criticized for. He still looked a bit off the pace at the Dragons, that could of been the environment. He's found some good late career form this year at the Tigers. A good way to finish his career (if he chooses to) coming full circle back to the Tigers, matured and making the Kiwis again.
Pretty cool tribute to Benji ahead of his 300th game this weekend...

Had to pause as my eyes got all sweaty watching it....

Had to do the same! Really well put together.

Alot of respect for Benji and it is a great to see him reach his 300th and was so pleased to see him in that black jersey recently.