General away jersey


Nah I don't really like the Penrith one...although the Brisbane home jersey's quite nice.


Penrith have updated that hideous away jersey for 2007:

Aaarrgh, my eyes!!! Zee goggles, zey do nothing!


At least Penrith's new away strip is predominantly white ... looks a bit better when actually worn.

I actually thought their retro stip they wore last year was quite cool. The ol' 'chocolate soldiers' uniform.

Fa'AhVan ... you might want to add your idea to the Make a Difference thread: For Mr Scurrah. Here

I doubt they would make a jersey design change this season unless they have previously planned to. Management probably considered the reverse colours idea as well - but who knows how the design/slection process works. I'd be intrigued to find out.


yer good idea, thanks mark, i hope they do change it ffs, the current one is boring, i dont wanna see em play in that wen i go to away games ffs.


The Worst Strip that been worn has to go to the Broncos and there lollypop shirt!!!


Ughhh... I really hate fades. The titans this year had a horrible strip.

League shirts should have big plain V's... and/or a couple of bold stripes if you've gotta go outside the format.

I reckon my warriors jersey would be black with a solid grey v, maybe with smaller red outlines? Maybe a few stripes on the sleeves.

And it would be the super baggy style ones of the mid 90's.

And players would get a "throwback" bonus, for having a long mop, or a moustache.