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ARL to review availability rules
Saturday, April 22, 2006 - 5:52 AM

The ARL has revealed plans for a major overhaul of its rules regarding representative availability which may allow Ben Kennedy to turn his back on representative football following next month's Test.

Kennedy on Thursday reversed his decision to retire from representative football with an eye to playing in next month's trans-Tasman clash against New Zealand.

But as rules stand currently, his about-face also made him eligible for NSW selection in this year's State of Origin series.

It is believed Kennedy only came out of retirement to play in the May 5 encounter on the urgings of new Australian coach Ricky Stuart, with the veteran Manly forward less than enthusiastic about the prospect of also playing in another interstate series.

"I said all along that I didn't have a decision to make because no-one had asked me to play rep footy," Kennedy said.

"That changed, I did get asked to reconsider my retirement so I've done that.

"As the rules stand today I have to make myself available for NSW if I want to play in the Test and I'm happy to go by the rules."

But in light of Kennedy's situation, and that of Newcastle maestro Andrew Johns - who also plans to hang up his representative boots after one last hurrah against the Kiwis - ARL chief executive Geoff Carr said there would be a review of guidelines.

"Recently, we have been involved in discussion along the lines of looking at adjusting the rules to cater for what is always going to be only a small number of ageing superstars," Carr said in a statement.

"There will probably always exist for a coach and selectors the temptation to invite back as a one-off measure an exempted star player when sudden injuries or other factors have cut a huge hole in a rep team.

"But we are dedicated to making any adjustments we believe necessary, in tune with the times - and to have the right procedures firmly in place."

Carr said he hoped to have the new guidelines in force ahead of this year's Origin series, backing down from claims he made earlier in the day when he said Kennedy would not be able to pick and choose which representative games he played.

"They're either available for rep footy or they're not and that's what they apply to do," Carr said on Sydney radio station 2KY.

"That's what Ben's applied to do and he's asked to be withdrawn."

Had Kennedy declined to play to play for NSW, the ARL had the power to stand him down from NRL games with Manly which he would have missed had he been in the Blues squad.

Kennedy would not elaborate on whether Stuart had asked him to play against the Kiwis, but said he had received a lot of backing to make himself available.

"I rang Joey, (manager) Mick (Newton) and I spoke to (Manly coach) Des (Hasler), basically everyone I spoke to wanted me to reconsider, thought it was a great idea that I do reconsider and make myself available for selection," Kennedy said.

If the rules were to remain as they are today and Kennedy was forced to play for NSW, Blues selector Laurie Daley said he would have no hesitation in picking the workaholic backrower.

"Even if they're not (keen on playing), when they get there they'll want to play well anyhow, you're own personal pride regardless of what sort of stage your on, you always want to play well," Daley said.

Talk about changing the rules to suit yourself. Wonder if theyll discuss Karbuncle Lump playing both SOO and for the Kiwis? Yeah right
It doesn't come as any big surprise with the way the league deals with this. They want to benefit themselves and themselves only. And unfortuantely for the Kiwis, we are the ones to suffer because everyone wants to be apart of SOO for one reason or another.

It's not something we can chance right now; but maybe in a few years time Australians will realise they aren't getting anywhere with this; because they happen to be so good; one day NO ONE will want t o play with them and they'd have to play with themselves. Perhaps then they'd realise just how thick and narrow minded thye really are.
"Playing with themselves" should be easy enough for them.... lots of practice.
AmeriKiwi said:
"Playing with themselves" should be easy enough for them.... lots of practice.

ROFL, well they haven't tired of it just yet. :p
LOL. Good one amerikiwi. Typical bloody Aussies for ya. Change the rules to suit themselves. like the change around abouts 2000 that saw Carroll back up from the Kiwis one year to play for the Aussies the next. Load of crud the lot of it
Bloody cheatin` B-AAAA-STARDS!! (Practicing my kiwi talk)
Get over it, all of you.

Whinge whinge whinge, that's all you ever do. "The Aussie's did this, the Aussie's did that, wha wha wha".

4 words: Shut The Fuck Up.
Andrew, please watch your language. Swear words are not permitted in the forums - specifically why they are censored.

Apart from that, though, I agree. We're not the victim nation we've been brought up to believe we are. If the ARL wants to change the rules so that a player can represent Australia without having to represent his state if chosen, then I see no problem with that.
Andrew said:
Get over it, all of you.

Whinge whinge whinge, that's all you ever do. "The Aussie's did this, the Aussie's did that, wha wha wha".

4 words: Shut The f*** Up.

You borrowed that phrase from us Americans, didn`t ya`, Andy?? It`s one of my most cherished favorites!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
(and I don`t mean the whinge whinge whinge one.... got that one from your Pommie cousins)
Andrew said:
Get over it, all of you.

Whinge whinge whinge, that's all you ever do. "The Aussie's did this, the Aussie's did that, wha wha wha".

4 words: Shut The f*** Up.

Okay deep breathe. It's all right. Go to a window, open it and breathe.

Why? Yes I am complaining, only because I have reason to complain. The endless whining dribble that flows so freely from people here is annoying.

Your buddies were complaining cause NZ is so obviously the victim of almost everything.
Of course he is. What Kiwi would tell us to shut ut after saying what we did. Funny thing is what we said wasn't anything as half as bad as what could have been said
Ronnie_7 said:
Andrew said:
Get over it, all of you.

Whinge whinge whinge, that's all you ever do. "The Aussie's did this, the Aussie's did that, wha wha wha".

4 words: Shut The f*** Up.

Okay deep brea
the. It's all right. Go to a window, open it and breathe.


Oh very clever jackass.
Looks like Wayne Bennets whinging aswell now. Another story from

ARL should 'get tough' on retirees
Saturday, April 22, 2006 - 2:15 PM

Former Australian coach Wayne Bennett says officials have to "call the bluff" of players coming out of retirement to make one-off or farewell Test appearances.

Newcastle's Andrew Johns will be allowed play a farewell Test against the Kiwis next month but will not have to make himself available for the State of Origin series.

The decision which has prompted other players to come out of retirement in the hope of being part of Johns' last hurrah.

But Bennett says Australian Rugby League has to be tough and stand firm on its policy that any player available to play for his country also has to be ready to play Origin.

Ben Kennedy is the latest player to do a representative backflip and declare he is available for Test selection but not Origin duty.

"I was certainly keen to see Joey play in the Test match but it's starting to become a multitude of numbers," said Bennett.

"That's the problem when you make one rule for one guy, everyone starts to think 'why can't I be a part of that'.

"They probably have got themselves a bit of a dilemma now.

"But it's easily solved, you call their bluff.

"If you play in the first Test, then barring injury you can be picked for State of Origin.

"If you don't make yourself available, you don't play for your club.

"That will sort them out pretty quick I tell you."

If the ARL is serious about playing by the rules, both Johns and Kennedy should have to back-up for NSW in the Origin series or at least be available for selection.

Kennedy has withdrawn his application form for representative exemption this year but has indicated he only wants to be considered for the Anzac Test and nothing else.

The 32-year-old Manly skipper has announced he will retire at the end of the season.

ARL chief executive Geoff Carr said it was his understanding that Kennedy had now made himself available for all representative fixtures in 2006.

In making an exemption for Johns, the ARL has made a rod for its own back.

Bennett warned they would face more and more similar cases unless they stood firm and applied to rules to everyone.
That`s no way to speak to a lady, Andy. Ronnie`s cool, too. Chill, homey, it`s all good, bro. (DAMN!! Can`t find that gang sign language emoticon)
You needa pull the keyboard out of your ass and untwist those panties man. If you really don't like what is written to have to write obscene words then its as simple as "don't read the page"
Sounds to me like the ARL are a bit scared about losing this test so are changing its own rules to make sure they can get the best possible team on the paddock.
Haha yeah. All because of the 24-0 shake up the Kiwis gave them last year!!!!!C'mon May 5th

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