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Lots of drama going on at the club for the past week, so rugged rugged has suggested a thread be created where people can ask questions. They will then be emailed over to Jim if he wants to answer it, or come on here to answer them.

Note: Theres no guarantee it will be answered, especially with all the drama taking so much focus.


Christchurch Born n bred white bait fed.
Do we sorry the Warriors have a clause in their contracts with players that stats this is our code of conduct and what we expect from you, if sign this you agree to meet our standards and of which you may have your contract torn up on the spot.
Would you consider fining the players who broke protocol and use the money to give extra free tickets to members? Do you have any other good will initiatives to put some substance behind the apologies to fans.

Jordan G

Off the top of my head....

1. Our players always appear to react a fraction later than the opposition (attacking kicks/droppd balls), and there's a general lack of anticipation/footy smarts in their general play. Is this a development or scouting issue?

2. Looking at so many successful NRL products coming outside of Auckland for other NRL teams do the Warriors need to broaded their search for the best talent in NZ?

3. When listening to players talk there's often a fear of failing or making a mistake/missing a tackle, what steps are being taken or need to be taken to erradicate a mentality that is both crippling and self fulfilling?

4. Due to the dominance of Union are too many young players coming to the Warriors underdeveloped compared to their Australian counterparts who have competitionts like SG Ball to improve their abilities at earlier stages?

5. The Warriors have previously mentioned the possibility of having an SG ball side. Is there any further development on this?

6. Is there a sense in too many young players that making the Warriors side means they've "made it" and there's not enough drive beyond that?

7. Do the Warriors as a club need to sacrifice the recruiting of players based largely on physical gifts and put more thought into the all around package they're trying to develop?

8. Where is the Warriors development of players going so wrong that after years of supposed learning we still concede the same soft tries and defensive lapses in the same manner we always have?

9. There are Warriors fans who have been supporting the side since day one who simply have just had enough of keep the faith and being patient. At some point that patience is going to be rewarded or they'll just give up. What would you say to those who are on the brink of walking away?

10. At what point do we cut high profile but underpeforming players if they're no longer having a positive influence on the club and playing squad on a weekly basis?

I'm sure I'll think of more later.
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1. Found a mentor for Cappy yet?

2. How do you go about getting rid of a player on a long term contract if you don't want them? (Manu and Hurrell)
Some of these question will not be asked. Come on people be realistic here....

1: Can we line up the poor attitude players and throw rotten fruit at them?

2: Does any part of the recruitment process involve any psychiatric profiling like a lot of big businesses do?

3: Has the club thought of instigating a working fortnight, like Melbourne, where new recruits or the whole squad spend two weeks doing manual labor to reinforce that they are lucky being Professional athletes and create a "this could be you, if you don't perform" thought process?
Do you have scope within employment contract to send these errant and new Jnr players out to a minimum wage job for a successive couple of weeks? Take the big fish into a bigger pond - 5am starts, constant 40hr+ level of effort rq'd and a dose of what real life is like for the rest of us might be a first step in them appreciating how blessed they are. Road crew, pick n pack warehouse, labouring etc.
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Hey Jimmey (said in my best scots accent) I do like the no bullshit approach that you bring and realise that you will need a sweeping machine as opposed to a broom to sweep the place clean, but you will have to get to grips with the Kiwi/island attitude if you ever hope to succeed here. i.e.. Making first grade is the ultimate here. So in order to lift the bar you will have to recruit players who want a medal in the drawer as opposed to players who just want to feed the family and not have to work too hard.

Secondly get rid of Hurrell and Manu now or you will join them on the dole queue.


This year yet?
1. I've noticed on numerous occasions (often start of season) this team don't seem to be mentally ready for a match, often (such as the Melbourne game) you can tell in the first 10 minutes wether we are going to be competitive or not. Why does this happen? And what processes/strategies are we doing to combat it?

2.The lack of respect shown to supporters is troubling and at times some players don't seem to care, have we looked at a fan engagement "punishment" for offenders?

3.Core fundamental defensive skills seem to be lacking in the development stage, what initiatives have been looked at to correct this?

4. Other teams seem to have better resources to scout NZ than we do-why is this?
ivan Cleary was our last successful coach and much was made of his relationship with John Hart. What mentors does cappy have?
Here are some questions for everyone including Jim. Why does the CEO of the Warriors spend more time publicly fronting the media (deflecting focus) when the team (players and coach) are called into question while the Australian clubs will let the coach and captain represent themselves and be accountable to the public? Are you sheltering an inexperienced coach who is out of his depth because of your own agenda to 'correct' the failings of the team in order to achieve winning results and is that not the job of a competent coaching staff?
1. JD, are you going all the way with this club, doing all the hard things that need to be done to get us winning?

2. Have you looked at the science behind training in a cooler climate and then playing in a hotter climate? (Sorry had to slip that one in there.)

3. Are you going to stick to your guns and not pay any of Hurrells contract after you release him, like we did with Mateo?
Hi Boss.

Its a shit storm just now down here in the bleaches.

This is the scene in the movie Where Denzel Washington breaks the errant player cliques and keeps telling the players they are locked out till they fall into line.

That would mean You and Cappy and Eric go sit and watch these dudes play reserve grade.

That would mean STATs and Analysis measures of Key performance indicators while in reserves, with the expectation that they show they want back in.

After one hard game and good effort comes the hard part.....that's when a coach says ' Good effort you're still not playing next week in first grade....consistency takes more than one reserve grade game to prove.

Hope you are looking after yourselves, can't be easy just now, my support is behind the club not the players....Play hard Jimmy.
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i watch a fair bit of american sports, id have to go with ice hockey being my fav sport and once a year teams will play a game in an outdoor staduim in the snow and its called the winter classic. there is a cool behind the scenes documentary that for a few weeks follows two teams and its players as it leads up to the outdoor game. there is alot of behind the scenes footage that includes training, flying to various games, end of period team talks and some players show what they do on their days off.

i guess my question is would the warriorrs ever look at doing something like this like taping behind the scenes stuff of how the first grade team goes from training and rehab to game day prep media etc?