Internationals Anzac test match thread + predictions

Kiwis to win by a converted try

FTS - Manu

MoM - Someone in the aussie forward pack

Crowd - who knows. Big stadiums in a small country = fail.
Aus 44
NZ 16

FTS Uate
MOM Thurston

I hope I'm wrong but I think aus is going to go away with it especially in the second half.
Aussies to win comfortably. They score the first 3 tries, we get two then they pull well ahead.

FTS: Dave Taylor (not Jesbass)
MOM: Cameron Smith
Score: 28 - 12
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Either you're taking the piss or you're a knob?

shit defense on the fringes. Slater cuts us to shreds. Any coincidence this is happening when Tamou is on? Me thinks some plays are too keen to put a shot on him.
aussies getting too many easy meters and it's killing the kiwis. aus just getting in great field position each time while kiwis struggling to get up to halfway.