Internationals Anzac Test Match 2016

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You would think the club would be tempted not to release Fusitua as if he gets injured we are starting to get a little light on firepower. Good on him though. Deserves it
Don't think they've ever entertained the idea of releasing him, from the interviews I've seen Cappy thinks he's one of the most talented players he's come across.
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kiwi's 13-6

Don't know about you guys, but I'm just loving Kearney at present in every interview. No excuses, we're there to do a job. Total confidence in everyone picked.
You ain't gonna get excuses outa me boys if you're looking for a reason to get beaten.

Got out there and get the job done for your country. Nothing more, nothing less expected.
Hope we win. I don't seem to have the anxiety of a blowout anymore which means progress. This team has built a culture where that is unnacceptable.

Let's go kiwis.

Those blow out days are over. The kiwi side has genuine chemistry, Kearney is doing a great job with these guys. I hope at some stage the current coach of Kiwis (whoever it is), can also be the current coach of the Warriors. I've gone over this before, but it makes players step up for their club knowing that the Rep coach/selector is the guy they're playing for week to week. It's pretty much the reason why Kahu, Glenn and Blair are walk-ins. He'd see them performing day in and day out up at the Broncos, and they'd see him keeping an eye, and put the same amount of effort back in to produce.

Kiwis by 4 tonight.
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Don't know about you guys, but I'm just loving Kearney at present in every interview. No excuses, we're there to do a job. Total confidence in everyone picked.
You ain't gonna get excuses outa me boys if you're looking for a reason to get beaten.

Got out there and get the job done for your country. Nothing more, nothing less expected.
Kearney is the key.

I've listened to some of the league fans you regularly hear on radio sport this week, and the consensus is that NZ

need to stop Cameron Smith getting a roll on to prevent the Aussie well oiled machine from kicking into gear and rolling over the top of us. The response from the Radio sports commentary tends to cite the need to keep errors to a minimum....get off to a good start.....and be weary of Australia dominating on the home the sixty minute mark.

I would agree with all of that historically.

That is how I used to call it too.

My thinking has changed because of Stephen Kearney....his stubborn ways, his complete understanding of International footy.

For Stephen it is about campaigns and long term success.

As much as this will piss folk off...tonight's an opportunity for Kearney to establish his dynasty....a loss Kearney's broader a realistic...and probable outcome.

This is not just tin foil hat thinking on my part....take the last England tour...he could have won that by including Benji Marshall. backed his own Master plan which is the segway for me thoughts on tonights test.

Here we are....all this time later....and Kearney is entertaining Tohu Harris at six ! Tohu Harris at center !

Geepers that is nineties thinking.

Cold hard facts:

NZ are shit at these one off contests...the Hoopla surrounding the last Kiwi smashing of Aussie was celebrated because they literally are ten times better at these games.

So they have an undeniable strength of history leading into tonight.

Everyone...who is rugby league....knows the Kiwis need a build up to match the SOO prepped Aussie machine.

So.....looking at ourselves.....can Kearney instill his template overnight ?

History would suggest no.

So what has our Stephen done about this ?

He has loaded his team with form players, who may or may not end up playing in their specialist positions. borrowed from his super coach Mentors.

What Kearney has that he has backed himself so far.....and so long....that he is an untouchable.

In practice terms his team should get thumped by the well oiled machine by virtue of all the missing defensive combos in this Kiwi side (under SK we only win when talking backs like SKD and Whare stamp out the Aussies try's against...).

I say fuck the Aussie Machine.

I say Sk's players need realise....they are the well oiled machine...they are the better coached side.....they wear the colours that broke the Green and Golds absolute rule.

If you want to be a chance of winning tonight boys.....your fate lies in your ability to deliver on the jobs Stephen Kearney has asked you to.

We are the best team in the world.

We are the well oiled machine.

Australia are scared of us.

That is the truth until proven otherwise. Defend our gains Kiwis.
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For what it's worth, I hope Kearney leaves his team as named, bringing Takairangi in for SKD (as opposed to moving Harris to centre and starting Nikorima at five eighth).

1. I think Brown/Nikorima will pose a big ask of the Aussie forwards round the ruck, assuming our "monster" pack gets parity and a roll on (which they should, given they're playing against dad's army). Taking Nikorima out of that equation could be difficult (I think Levi is too raw yet to debut).
2. Takairangi has been playing well for the eels. Is a big rangy, body who is solid on defence. Three quarter combinations of Takairangi/Dallin Watene-Zelezniak and Beale/Nightingale are pretty reliable on defence for me (although they are up against some classy attackers in Dugan/Ferguson/Inglis/Semi. Beale and Nightingale together makes logical sense - given they played together at the Dragons.
3. Having Harris at five eighth really stiffens the defence on that side of the field. The kangaroos really won't run much at him, preferring to target Shaun Johnson on the other side of the field.

Given that we can logically assume they'll target Shaun Johnson - Kearney should be giving him as much protection as possible - so fingers crossed Proctor is playing right side inside Shaun Johnson, helping him out on defence.

Can't wait. As much as this is a warriors forum, I'm a kiwis fan first and foremost, warriors fan second.
This is why Hoffman won't play for the Kiwis again:

Anyway, on to this test match. If we win, it really will be a win for the ages. They may be getting long in the tooth, but make no mistake, this Australian team contains virtually all the main guys who made up what many consider to be the best Australian team of all time, the only notable omission being Slater... And moreover, they might be a little older, but every one of them is playing excellent footy (well, apart fro, Mr Field Goal himself) at the moment.

This is a Kiwis team missing Simon Mannering, Kieran Foran, Isaac Luke, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Dean Whare and Ben Matulino, amongst many others... That's 3/4s of our spine, our Captain, the best center in the world, and (when he's got his shit together) one of the best props in the world. You out those boys in the team, we win this game all day long - no way the Ozzies could handle the forward fire power of Bromwich, Taumalolo, Taupau. Blair and Moa, as well as those boys missing. But alas, we're in the situation we're in. If they can pull it off, it'll be absolutely priceless. For me, the big danger factor is Mal... If there is anyone that can get a team to play with pride for a jersey, it's Meninga.
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