General Anyone going to Newcastle for the game against the Knights?


Is anyone here in OZ going? Going down from Brissy for the weekend mainly to watch the Warriors - my question is - does anyone know where the best place to sit is at Energy Stadium ? Or is there somewhere that the Warriors fans will all be together. Would like to be near like minded folks if possible!
Never been to Knights home ground before so any info any can give us would be appreciated.


Hey there leaguelass and gang

I started a thread a while ago about getting a chartered coach there from the city or Strathfield but didn't get much further than talking about it. I did a bit of ringing around today and found out it'd cost about $30 a head to get there and back for about 20 people. I know about 5 or so people who are keen, if there's anyone else keen let me know and I'll tee it up, if not we'll probably be on the Westerm Stand around bay 19.

I'll leave it up to you lot, if we get more than 20 I have no idea what happens then.

Cheers y'all