General Another All Black wing, Joeli Vidiri has past away


These guys die from Kidney failure caused by a mere skin infection from playing Rugby, one where were there better health promotion and advice in our communities is 100% preventable.

Makes you wonder about team doctors, all he and Jonah needed was a short course of flucloxicillin....a bog standard antibiotic and they would be fit and well today.

This is why I worried so much about Covid in these communities that generally receive such shit health care.

I find it so frustrating that in a modern country we have kids with buggered hearts because they didn't get an antibiotic
Man him and Jonah in the same side was something else.
I remember watching them play for the blues against the crusaders at Lancaster park- I’d never seen anyone as fast as joeli before- it blew me away and I recall my friend saying “ how could anyone ever beat a team with them two in it- it’s just unfair.”
Hopefully they’re up there reminiscing and sharing a laugh.
I told my mate this morning about this news, he's a rugby follower and had no idea about this. Very sad news. Condolences to his family