Player Albert Vete

Haven't seen last nights game, hopefully will time permitting seeing as there is less games this year.

If he played well good for him. Besides the sleeping pill night I can't recall any issues with Vete or remember reading articles about his manager demanding things for him etc.

I can understand frustrations if he went better than he did here. Remember he is new there, keen to impress etc. The key thing is how is he going this time next year.
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I didn’t see anything special from him that you wouldn’t expect from any prop in the comp. still couldn’t bend the line or Make post contact meters
If you're just looking for him he was only on the last 15-20
Thanks. Probably all I have time for as it's hard to keep up with the games as it is let alone re-watch games. Had a few games this year where I've fallen asleep on the coach to have woken up to see my two year old has gotten out of his bed and is sitting on the seat next to me.

Always good to see how our guys go elsewhere under a different setup.
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He had some offloads but looking at the score defense wasn't a priority for the night. He also had some good runs especially on returning kick offs. Looked like a guy who had just changed clubs and was keen to impress.

Interested to see how often he is used when they are closer to full strength.
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Those two are welcome back here any time they're ready to head home AFAIC.

Hopefully they pick up some skills on their OE's first tho.;)