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May 7, 2012
Ok well that is a miracle.

Do not rush him Warriors. Realistically we can wait a couple of months if it means a one hundred percent rebuilt player.

Sounds like he will not be too off the pace due to needing bits reconstructed. Must be just a fractured cap.


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Jul 18, 2013
Very happy with this so long as we don't get an update that our medical team/Addin Fonua-Blake's non-Warriors medical team aren't as good as we first thought.

Good and bad mis-diagnosis have happened before...
Yeah not too sure how we went from tendon hanging by a thread to back on the field in a month.


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Mar 6, 2016
Season back on!! Four weeks and we're back to kick the doors in again. But more carefully this time.

We're back baby, and this time we've got our own boy wizard, and Browny is turning into some kind of mad genius. Well I hope it's genius he's showing signs of.
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