Player Adam Blair

Blair proving that he's got more integrity than Darius Boyd. Instead of digging his claws in and sulking over a demotion (CTR for Boyd and Bench for Blair) he contributed as best he could and retired early to assist the club.

He may have had his struggles form-wise, but I think Blair would have been a big part of the team coming together. I still remember Luke saying Blair was the one demanding he lift his standards during the hot streak in 2018. I think he'll be looked after by the club in retirement and will be a valuable asset in terms of preparation and fitness.

Like most people, my favourite Blair moments are the try in the World Cup and the Manly/Storm punch up with the Stewart bros. Great career from Blair and I honestly think he had a really solid year for us to cap it off.
Queen’s honours for Adam Blair
Congratulations! But...

Surely as a player, many have done more?
Surely off the field, many have done more?
Wasn’t he just doing a job he was well paid for?

Stacey, Kearney, Bell, Mannering, etc would all have done as much for NZ.

Anyway - he did do a great job for the game and Kiwis and we should be proud that a league player has been recognised.