General Adam Blair


After watching him last night im not really wanting to go after him anymore. Too much of a grub for my liking, grapples, niggle at the breakdown.

What do you guys reckon?

Also, who ever started the cheats chant is a legend!!


You have to respect the type of player Blair is. Hes loyal to the jersey he has on and the players that have the same jersey. He doesnt care if a follow Storm/Kiwi/relations/brother in law is lined up on the opposite side, hes bringing his A game, and he'll mow you down to get that advantage line. You rather he be on your side.


You respect a bloke who prowls around looking for an opportunity to run in as third man for no good reason at all?

Adam Blair doesn't play like this when he plays for the Kiwis. He concentrates on go forward and ball work and is thus a great test player. When he's playing for the Storm it's like watching Classie Freddie Blassie going to work.


I don't think you can look at Blair this season and give an opinion. He's been awesome and I for one want him in our team.