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May 18, 2012
I must have misread the article. I got nothing about his issues with the Warriors out of it. Only that he acknowledges he was a bit of a dick at Parra. I think he played this one very diplomatically. He has said nothing against the club, but he also said nothing positive that indicated it was solely his problem.

I don't agree with the rumours that are starting to do the rounds about turning away from the church or binge drinking or anything like that. Those rumours would have surfaced earlier if they were true.

My honest belief, while having no proof only speculation, is that he did not fit in well with management, maybe due to the cost of his contract, so was pushed out. I have a gut feeling it was decided before Bluey even arrived, and Bluey simply followed through on the plan given to him. I'm sure I'll be accused of trying to state this as fact, or as a strong rumour, but I just don't trust Scurrah and have a feeling he is more to blame than anyone.


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