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I have just been given flight tickets to Sydney for the Grand Final by my children on the occasion of my 50th birthday. This will be my first time so I need advice as to how I go about organising the trip.

eg Should we (ie wife and I) go with a tour (with Peter Leitch?) or on our own?
If we go it alone, where to get GF tickets and when are they available?
Any ideas about accommodation bearing in mind I'm no millionaire but don't want anything seedy? Also we would have to use public transport but I presume that wouldn't be a problem to and from the Stadium.

Any advice/info much appreciated.

I can't wait until late September - it will be only my second trip overseas (previous trip was also to Sydney as a uni student)



Go with a tour ....they normally have a couple of options price wise.
Who knows you might even make a couple of friends.....and have a really grate time.
Tours are good....everthing is pretty much taken care of.....if you like that style of travel.

Have fun


Good stuff Kav, good on your kids, and happy birthday.
Personally I'd go for a Mad Butch tour.

Apart from being with people with exactly the same interests as you, the Butch and his helpers look after you totally from start to finish.
No hassles with accomodation, you can have the boat trip before the game up the Parra River, which is a total blast, and back to the hotel after the game by bus. No getting lost around Telstra.
No hassles with finding transport etc etc.
If I could afford it, I'd go every year and go on the tour.
It's very memorable.

L N_old

congrats kav you lucky bugger you...
for me petes tours have always been classic
you cant go wrong with the butch and co
its a lot easier to

ive got heaps of family over there
its more diplomatic when you tell them
your going with a tour party
rather then...sorry cuz i havent got a spare ticket

onya kav enjoy yourself there mate


My folks went to the Grand Final back when the Storm beat the Dragons.
They went with a tour party hosted by McIvor and Ropati (not sure if the Butcher was with them .. he might have been). They thoroughly enjoyed it. Everything is pretty much taken care of for you.


Thanks for that.
It appears that the flights are already booked so we might have to go on our own anyway.

Whatever, we're gonna have a ball.



get hold of leitchy and see if you can hook up with him/the tour over there.

going with the butcher is something you,ll remember for ever.

he works in conjunction with willaments travel.

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