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2023 squad
:Bunty Afoa (2025), Tom Ale (2025), Mitchell Barnett (2025), Rocco Berry (2024), Josh Curran (2024), Wayde Egan (2024), Addin Fonua-Blake (2026), Jackson Ford (2024), Tohu Harris Harris (2024), Shaun Johnson (2023), Otukinekina Kepu (2024), Valingi Kepu (2024), Edward Kosi (2023), Freddy Lussick (2024), Te Maire Martin (2025), Luke Metcalf (2025), Marcelo Montoya (2023), Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad (2025), Marata Niukore (2026), Taniela Otukolo (2024), Adam Pompey (2023), Bayley Sironen (2023), Jazz Tevaga (2024), Viliami Vailea (2025), Ronald Volkman (2025), Dylan Walker (2025), Dallin Watene-Zelezniak (2024), Brayden Wiliame (2024)

Development players:Ali Leiataua (2024), Demitric Sifakula (2023), Jacob Laban (2024), Zyon Maiu’u (2024)

2023 gains:Marata Niukore (Eels), Luke Metcalf (Sharks), Dylan Walker (Sea Eagles), Mitchell Barnett (Knights), Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad (Raiders), Te Maire Martin (Broncos), Jackson Ford (Dragons), Brayden Wiliame (rugby union)

2023 losses: Euan Aitken (Dolphins), Reece Walsh (Broncos), Eliesa Katoa (released), Aaron Pene (released), Jack Murchie (Eels), Ben Murdoch-Masila (Dragons)

Coach: Andrew Webster (2025)

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Training squad selected for SG Ball Cup return​
Wed 2 Nov 2022, 11:40 AM

A squad of 36 players has started training for the One New Zealand Warriors’ return to the New South Wales Rugby League’s renowned S G Ball Cup in 2023.

It follows a 12-month search for Sky Sport Future Warriors prospects culminating in trials in both the North Island and South Island.

Over the coming weeks, the club will also be announcing players joining other preseason training squads for the U18 World 7s men’s and U18 World 7s women's competitions, as well as the elite U15/U16 summer training squad. Details regarding the coaching staff for these programmes will also be advised in due course.

Allan Talataina-Malama Khalan Clyde
Alvin Chong-Nee Makaia Tafua
Ben PeniManihi Maurangi
Calum Pereira Nathan John Salmon
Caleb Meleisea Patrick Moimoi
Daytona-Lukiz Tupuhi-TaohoPhranklyn Mano Le Mamea
Dennis Sofara Presley Seumanu-Tigafua
Denzel Hurt-Pickering Raphael Sio
Etuate FukofukaRodney Tuipolotu-Vea
Francis Tuimauga Sefanaia Cowley-Lupo
Harry Durbin Selu Halasima
Ieti SamueluSiale Siulangapo
Jacob David Jnr Auloa Siale Faeamani
Jeriko Filipi-Talisau Sio Kali
Julian DrinnanTanner Stowers-Smith
Juelz Baker Te Hataterehapaerau Reid
Kayliss-Jesse Fatialofa Taimana Whakatau
Kesa SilverWilliam Piliu

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Contracted Players

First Grade

  1. Bunty Afoa
  2. Tom Ale
  3. Mitchell Barnett
  4. Rocco Berry
  5. Josh Curran
  6. Wayde Egan
  7. Addin Fonua-Blake
  8. Jackson Ford
  9. Tohu Harris Harris
  10. Shaun Johnson
  11. Valingi Kepu
  12. Edward Kosi
  13. Freddy Lussick
  14. Te Maire Martin
  15. Luke Metcalf
  16. Marcelo Montoya
  17. Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad
  18. Marata Niukore
  19. Adam Pompey
  20. Bayley Sironen
  21. Jazz Tevaga
  22. Viliami Vailea
  23. Ronald Volkman
  24. Dylan Walker
  25. Dallin Watene-Zelezniak
  26. Brayden Williame
  27. -
  28. -
  29. -
  30. -

Development players

  1. Ali Leiataua
  2. Demitric Sifakula
  3. Jacob Laban
  4. Zyon Maiu’u
  5. -
Jersey Flegg

  1. -

SG Ball
  1. Allan Talataina-Malama
  2. Alvin Chong-Nee
  3. Ben Peni
  4. Calum Pereira
  5. Caleb Meleisea
  6. Daytona-Lukiz Tupuhi-Taoho
  7. Dennis Sofara
  8. Denzel Hurt-Pickering
  9. Etuate Fukofuka
  10. Francis Tuimauga
  11. Harry Durbin
  12. Ieti Samuelu
  13. Jacob David Jnr Auloa
  14. Jeriko Filipi-Talisau
  15. Julian Drinnan
  16. Juelz Baker
  17. Kayliss-Jesse Fatialofa
  18. Kesa Silver
  19. Khalan Clyde
  20. Makaia Tafua
  21. Manihi Maurangi
  22. Nathan John Salmon
  23. Patrick Moimoi
  24. Phranklyn Mano Le Mamea
  25. Presley Seumanu-Tigafua
  26. Raphael Sio
  27. Rodney Tuipolotu-Vea
  28. Sefanaia Cowley-Lupo
  29. Selu Halasima
  30. Siale Siulangapo
  31. Siale Faeamani
  32. Sio Kali
  33. Tanner Stowers-Smith
  34. Te Hataterehapaerau Reid
  35. Taimana Whakatau
  36. William Piliu
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Contracts By Year


Shaun Johnson
Edward Kosi
Marcelo Montoya
Adam Pompey
Demitric Sifakula (development)
Bayley Sironen


Rocco Berry
Josh Curran
Wayde Egan
Jackson Ford
Tohu Harris Harris
Otukinekina Kepu
Valingi Kepu
Jacob Laban (development)
Ali Leiataua (development)
Freddy Lussick
Zyon Maiu’u (development)
Taniela Otukolo
Jazz Tevaga
Dallin Watene-Zelezniak
Brayden Wiliame


Mitchell Barnett
Te Maire Martin
Luke Metcalf
Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad
Viliami Vailea
Ronald Volkman
Dylan Walker
Bunty Afoa
Tom Ale


Addin Fonua-Blake
Marata Niukore
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This thread is strictly for Top 30 discussion and to serve as a record for the 2023 season...
Who are the guys to guide the team around the park?
Well Adam Blair is coach of the SG Ball team. Still waiting on an updates list from the club to find out who the other staff are. I'll ask around...
In an interview a while ago George said they would be kiwis and that SG Ball would be the start of a kiwi coaching pathway
Kiwi coaching pathway ??
A NZ’er who has come up through the local game - playing , coaching?
A guy who may have been born in Nz and not had anything to do with local game but has played 1st grade , now looking to coach?
Kiwi coaching pathway ??
A NZ’er who has come up through the local game - playing , coaching?
A guy who may have been born in Nz and not had anything to do with local game but has played 1st grade , now looking to coach?
Not sure mate, that’s roughly what he said, the context was he was talking about trying to bring more kiwis through into high performance coaching roles
1674845895019Bunty and Tom Ale extensions is nice to see. I think both offer up something different. Both can go to a different level it feels under this coaching structure.
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Kiwi coaching pathway ??
A NZ’er who has come up through the local game - playing , coaching?
A guy who may have been born in Nz and not had anything to do with local game but has played 1st grade , now looking to coach?
A Kiwi with NRL experience is the best scenario for us. I don't want a local coach who has no NRL experience. Blair has great pedigree and comes from the best system. It's a no-brainer for juniors. TBH I think it's where Mooks should have been. In the NZ system you want coaches who can weed out the schoolboy errors.
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