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Mar 27, 2016
I wish it was that easy but they will never be a club that the best of the best will want to come to win premierships, the warriors just don't have the history.

Your right though until that changes they have no hope getting the pick of the litter. Warriors at their best with a good coach,homegrowns and a few hard veterans.
its all about mind set


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Apr 18, 2012
Dunedin, NZ
It says 2022...but yea it is weird as no mention of him being Warriros assistant
Def an old article. The article talks about Kidwell joining the Tigers. Which happened in 2014.
Storm under-20s coach Anthony Seibold has been promoted to club development coach.
Kidwell will head to Wests Tigers while Walters is searching for a new post in Queensland.

Morgan will join Storm following seven years abroad as coach of Hull KR and then a 12-month stint as an assistant coach with the Canberra Raiders.
The former front-rower signed a two-year coaching deal with the Raiders, but was cut with a year remaining on his contract at the end of 2012.
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