General 2022 Warriors Jersey and Merchandise Thread


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Nov 20, 2017
Just hinted (I believe) the away jersey - and yes, it's going to be a white home jersey! See the white trim around the inverted red Vodafone logo...


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Jul 12, 2013
If they away jersey is a mirror of the home jersey which is a safe guess it could be the first season I get a home and away jersey.

Damn it I just got a whole lot of Rebel Sport voucher for some new Skins.

Going to be an expensive year if I get a jersey or two, training gear, polo and my son has been on my case about getting a jersey. I want to encourage the last one, my main concern is he was talking about shorts and everything for running around the backyard.
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Sep 10, 2012
Loving our new gear, return to the right moko and confirmation we’re staying in OG colours.

Was hoping Pima would mail it again this time round.

The plain or simple designs are timeless. That’s polo would be the best I’ve seen since the Puma black one with silver embroidery.

Polo and home jumper in the Xmas list for me.

Well done Puma - welcome back!!
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