General 2022 Warriors Jersey and Merchandise Thread

Were you happy with the Puma 2022 range?

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    Votes: 5 45.5%
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    Votes: 5 45.5%
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Puma Aus(and by extension NZ) are the red headed stepchild of Puma, propped up massively by Global. Because of this the local guys don’t have a great swing in local market. From my experience with them they are extremely Melbourne focused(head office is there) and pretty much believe the world revolves around AFL so more attention is there. A couple of years back there was a push towards more local brands but league was an afterthought behind AFL(‘local sport’) and A-League (in line with global strategy of soccer focus). Have seen first hand how little thought is put into off field range which is why I was so apprehensive when they took over.
Have also had some experience with Canterbury and found them much more pleasant to deal with, were a lot more collaborative in creating what you want rather than pushing you to fit into existing range. It’s a shame their Australian arm is struggling a bit for brand presence as the quality is high.
Actually quite like what Dynasty do in terms of variety and range of off field.
However if we are stuck with Puma for the time being I hope they up their game but at the same time my merch spend has significantly dropped in recent seasons due to the state of the club
When I was involved with the NZRL way back last century the relationship with Puma was that they took us when nobody else would, and if we didn't like it we would fark off.