General 2022 Season statistics


In Andy we (have to) trust
Some statistics after game 5 though still relatively small sample sizes.

Penalties received 31
Penalties conceded 32
Penalty counts won 3
Penalty counts lost 2

6 Agains received 10
6 Agains conceded 16
6 Again counts won 2
6 Again counts lost 3

The following are Average per Game played

Penalties conceded (worst) Vailea 1.0 [only 1 game]
Montoya 0.8 [5 games]

Ruck Infringements conceded (worst) Murdoch-Masila 0.5
10m infringements conceded (worst) Pompey 0.3
Lodge 0.3
Katoa 0.3
Errors (worst) Watene-Zelezeniak 4.0 [only 1 game]
Walsh 2.0 [4 games]

Run Metres [back] Walsh 172.3
[forward] Fonua-Blake 170.8
Kick Return metres Walsh 56.3
Line breaks Arthars 1.0
Try Assists Johnson 1.0
Tackle Breaks Walsh 5.3
Hit Ups Fonua-Blake 12.8

Tackles Curran 39.4
Missed tackles (worst) Taylor 11.0 [only 1 game]
Harris-Tavita 3.0 [5 games]
Ineffective tackles (worst) Vailea 3.0 [only 1 game]
Kosi 2.5 [2 games]
Fonua-Blake 2.2 [5 games]

Will update as season progresses
Just a random question. Does the NRL have a plus/minus type stat similar to NBA and NFL? Would love to have that type of stat to see how are players impact the game and their team. Would be quite a difficult stat to create as each player has varying roles but still would be interesting.
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In Andy we (have to) trust
Does anyone know what is regarded as the official statistics as those on differ from those on Fox Lab

Are there any other sources to cross reference?


Does anyone know what is regarded as the official statistics as those on differ from those on Fox Lab

Are there any other sources to cross reference?
Nrl uses champion data. Fox uses their own stats collection. used to do their own but guy sold his company to a betting site as it became a very costly exercise.
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There are some alarming offensive stats after 9 rounds. We are really struggling to generate metres as a team. The stats show we are ineffective in bending the line, our ball carriers outside of Addin Fonua-Blake are challenged to generate post contact metres. We lack to create much from dummy half either. I think past Addin Fonua-Blake and Lodge are pack is very average. I wish we were abit more creative out of dummy half. I feel Egan could do more in that area.

This is a big concern. We are spending alot of time defending which Browny has mentioned with the 6 agains and defending our line. We are second in most tackles in the comp. We need to start turning that trend and use our attack to defend less. Im not sure how we do it.

Possession: 16th - 46.3% Avg
All Run Metres: 16th - 1,360 Avg
Offloads: 16th - 6.4 Avg
Tackle Breaks: 16th - 23.0 Avg
Post Contact Metres: 16th 490 Avg
All runs: 16th - 157.1 Avg
Dummy half runs: 15th - 7.4 Avg
I suppose the least support/ decoys partly comes from the least possession…
Yeah we're bottom of the possession stake but even so the other low end possession teams like the Knights, Bulldogs & Titans dwarf us. It would be interesting to find out how many average total (with & without the ball) metres per set Walsh would do in comparison to someone like Papi or Trbojevic