Rabbito's love the niggle.......Roosters wouldve been better off just focusing on the footy,... played right into their hands.......dont mind tho, hate the Rorters.....good job.

Days gone by tho their wouldve been one big punch up in the first 5 minutes, then the teams wouldve settled down and played footy......this no punching rule adds to the niggle i reckon.
You see at this time of year some of the big teams fall apart once a few keys players are missing. The Roosters were like that with Tedesco gone. Might have been able to cover that loss if Manu was there.

It happens to our team a lot so its good to see if happen to another side.

The Roosters were taking it to them but just ran out of troops. They were running them ragged at the start but Souths did well soaking it up. After supporting a side that leaks like a sieve its shows what you can do if your defence holds.
A lot of talk the last week or two about Suaalii and his contract and if he will move on. Talk about wanting to play fullback and how Tedesco is in the way.

After today he's a year or two off being ready for that position. He needs another off season or two to fill into his frame. Then add a year or two of experience.