General 2022 GRAND FINAL - Penrith v Eels


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Who’s watching ?

Last game of the season, so let’s sit back and enjoy this?!!!

I got Penrith to pull away comfortably.

Man for man, just too much skill and experience.
I give the eels more chance than any other team but hard to go past the panthers. Should be a good one. Impressive if the panthers take out all grades, something we were in line for many years ago.
Would love for the eels to win. Considering the hoodoo but also that they’ve stuck to their coach despite how much hate the media has given him and the club. They’re probably the least grubbiest team left as I can’t stand luai outside of a blues jersey but it’s likely the panthers will dominate. I would be happy for Cleary cementing himself as one of the great coaches winning back to back. Ultimately just praying our kiwi boys come out unscathed 🙏🏼


Going with the Pennies but hoping the Eels can pull off an upset, Panthers are an unlikeable bunch for me lately but I guess it goes with the territory, their footy's on a whole other level. Should be a cracker of a game if the ref keeps it fair.
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I think the Panthers will be too strong. Don't love them and part of me hopes the Eels win...

But then my Hokianga heritage says go Fisher-Harris. Get a win for Northland, the Hokianga and rep up north.
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Given the half time draws last week, decided to go for a half/full bet of draw/Penrith tonight, plus an Isiah Papalii last try as he had a strong semi and former Warrior of course.

Like most people I think Penrith will put the pedal to the metal and run away with it but just hoping for a competitive game, don't really feel too strongly either way about who I want to win.
It'll depend on how much the ref lets Penrith get away with. If they're not allowed to drag players along the ground after the players down and are forced to keep the flops to a minimum, then they're beatable.


This year yet?
Head is saying Panthers but heart wants Eels to get up.
Panthers team although gave the success to back it up have become a bit cocky and arrogant, wonder if winning it last year makes the Eels more hungry to break their drought.
From a Warriors POV it would be nice to see a struggling club turn it around the way the eels have
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