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If Fusitua is going to another team then I’m picking the Warriors would be paying almost all of his salary. He’s an out of form, injury prone player, with other rumoured issues.
He’s value is probably somewhere around minimum wage. The Warriors will be picking up the remainder.
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Rippin' and a Tearin'
Yeah but it depends whether Sully's got better prospects lined up, and to be fair Sironon's better than his other children.

To be fair, Sully does seem like a pretty astute (and quietly ruthless operator), but I just can't see it being us. I think he is far more in control of our roster than to suddenly cut 4 players like that.
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Think it’s a bit of cheek for us to pay a portion of Fusitua’ salary if he leaves. I know he’s entitled to it but let’s be honest he’s been happy to take a full salary for essentially not playing the last 2 years, a little bit of a slap in the face
Last year those who went home for COVID were only paid 70% of their salary, and if we happen to get rid of him only paying 40% of his salary for the next two years, it’s not the end of the world, essentially means we paid
2020 - $350k
2021 - $500k
2022 - $200k
2023 - $200k
For a grand total of 1.25 million for 12 games lol. $100 000 per game…luggy guy
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