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I thought if a player want to leave before his contract's up then the club's not liable for any freight paying? The freight paying only comes in when the club tells the player he's leaving before his contract's up?
I don’t think these situations are ever that binary.
If he goes I would be bery surprised if we dont chip in something at least for 2022. You usually can't get out of a bad contract without taking your medicine


Christchurch Born n bred white bait fed.
Can we hear them so we can speculate 😂
Ok I will start Tajhay is a pigmy with a 14 inch ( put your own word in here )

Mt Welly is actually the mad butcher, loves meat.

Nathan Brown is really Wayne bennets biological son that Wayne left as a baby hence all the bad blood.

But to keep this on recruitment we will be getting players next year
I’m guessing us?
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Not open for further replies.