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Oct 12, 2012
Whether it works or not I'm blown away by our recruitment. I've never seen anything like it at the warriors even in our best times. We're absolutely dynamic like a high end club (roosters) just missing the super strong youth program which Gus has said is the long term priority of the club.

Not huge on Chad but he is deff an upgrade on Sean O'Sullivan even if just from experience. Also Toddy P wants him as their half, and I'd happily have Toddy P as our coach.

Makes me wonder if spending our season here is removing some of the ususal roadblocks. But yeah credit to the recruitment team, POS is proving his worth for sure


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May 14, 2012
Auckland, New Zealand
Nah he’s quality, wish we’d gone a lot harder at him than $500k a season. Unlikely he would have moved to NZ however worth a go.
Don't get me wrong, I rate Hynes. Think he's a good player. But I still can't tell if it's him or the system doing the hardest work in making him look as good as he's been. One of the things that I think goes a little under-appreciated about this iteration of the Storm is the way that Bellamy instils accountability and belief in his squad. It's like every single one of them somehow learns to be elite, game-winning players after 10 games. Look at some of the absolute plodders that guy has won comps with. It's not a coincidence. Really intrigued to see how Hynes goes at the Sharks, especially with the pressure being on him.


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May 14, 2012
Auckland, New Zealand
People sometimes forget how it can sometimes be easy to fit in at the storm, thier systems allow for avrage players to thrive, when your at the warriors everybody is looking at new talent to show the way.

It's hilarious. Half of us are bitching about Chanel Harris-Tavita and how he's not offering enough. Meanwhile, our whole gameplan at the moment is to throw it to an 18-year-old and pray every time we need to do something (no pressure, Reece). I wonder what's going to happen when Walsh's run of form stops. When he goes through a bad patch or costs us a couple of games with mistakes or bad decisions, are we gonna be putting him under a microscope and dissecting everything about him, from his talent to his character? Probably, tbh. Whether it's warranted or not.

"I've been his biggest defender but it's definitely time to look closer and admit his faults.

He definitely has no vision and can't read the defence at all. He's a complete robot.

He REFUSES to kick in behind the line when the defence is rushing and has no attacking kicking game. For a guy who kicks as much as him and a halfback is unacceptable.

Either he's scared to back himself or he is just bad. I don't know."

That could be any one of us talking about Chanel Harris-Tavita, but it's actually a thread on a Panthers forum about Nathan Cleary...from 2019. The narrative around young players, especially in key positions, is remarkably similar all the time.

I'm not saying Chanel Harris-Tavita will turn into Nathan Cleary — I'm pretty sure he won't. I can understand the criticism and why some fans are running out of patience. But for me, he's had a tough run with injuries, is still very young (only played 30 something games?), and has a lot of really strong fundamentals that he can build on. If we were to let him go, I think most NRL teams would be more than happy to take a chance on him. In any case, there probably aren't any better long-term halves available to us right now. I don't think it hurts us to keep him and play to his strengths rather than getting another Sean O'Sullivan or paying massive overs for someone who's past it.
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