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Nov 10, 2014
Beale was on good coin when signed, so I imagine Aitken has taken his money. Aitken is an decent sized upgrade over Herbert and Beale for me. Keighran would have been nice to have as a bench utility but as a half I think O’Sullivan is at least as good if not better.

I would have liked us to have picked up someone with speed, difficult to pick anyone in our team you would back to run the length of the field, but apart from that we’ve done well.

Forwards in particular look tasty, lot of depth and different sizes and skill sets in there. The competition for spots will be something I’ll be watching with interest.

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Jan 26, 2014
Agree. I'd prefer we kept Herbert & Keighran over Aitken SoS. And Passi over Evans.
I'm a big AK fan .
But I don't know if he wanted to stay an I'm going to leave my judgement on S O'Sullivan to I see him play .I heard he has experience at hooker so he could be a real asset .as injuries etc..

On Aitkin an experienced center with pace
Verces a Herbert who couldn't even hold down his position in a depleted warriors team .
My preference is Pernham at center as he has a passing game an plays like he has a brain .
I'm hoping our coach will move Aitkins onto the wing .Which is where he would be a weapon
For us .
As for Paasi he was part of a underperforming warriors forward pack .
An the fact Harris an AhMau are the only ones we are keeping doesn't bother me at all .

Last year our reserve team showed more guts than our 1 st grade on seasons an got a similar result .Did enough heads roll I say no .
But when rookies like Murchie Katoa .JTB an bench second towers like Burr ,an ice
Forced to play prop an do just as good a job at it as our higher value regular starters
Questions should be asked an Paasi gone is one of the the clubs answers
Did Paasi get an NRL contract ?
Did his ex coach hire him no an why is that ..He took Burr .I'm pretty sure Ice will establish
Himself in the NRL .yet.
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Sep 10, 2012
Agree. I'd prefer we kept Herbert & Keighran over Aitken SoS. And Passi over Evans.
AK and the Nikos probably wasn’t a long term win for the Team if the murmurs around family feuds etc ring true.

SOS is unproven so he’s free to show us what he’s got in my book, must have been something there to spark Bro cos initial interest, and Kane Evans is a great pick up I think (price depending), he’s different to what we have and what we had wasn’t working.

Bring it in I’m ready for a fresh start!

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May 15, 2012
Wellington, New Zealand

Brandon Smith contract news: Storm grants star early release​

Dean RitchieExclusive
It’s the secret email sent to 14 clubs on Monday revealing NRL grand final star Brandon Smith will be granted a shock early release from Melbourne Storm.

The Daily Telegraph secured a copy of the letter which details Melbourne’s decision to allow their champion hooker to leave after next season provided the club secures “commensurate compensation” in return.

The return of Wests Tigers hooker Harry Grant has prompted Smith to look for another club with his manager, Stan Martin, saying in the email his client wants to “play exclusively at hooker”.

Smith, 24, will remain at Melbourne next season before seeking a release from the final year of his deal in 2022. He is currently earning around $425,000 a season but could attract more money on the NRL open market.

Brandon Smith has been stuck behind Cameron Smith. Picture: AAP/Darren Pateman

Brandon Smith has been stuck behind Cameron Smith. Picture: AAP/Darren Pateman
One source told The Daily Telegraph that he believed a high-profile Sydney club was prepared to release a representative prop to Melbourne in exchange for Smith, the New Zealand Test hooker.

Some club officials believe Smith is being pursued heavily by one club but Martin wants all clubs to be aware his client would be leaving Melbourne early.

Canterbury, Wests Tigers, New Zealand and Newcastle have been touted as clubs that could show an interest in Smith.

While Smith has entered an elite class in the NRL, it is generally accepted Grant would become Melbourne’s number one hooker with Cam Smith set to retire.

Smith has developed into an outstanding middle forward and dummy half.

Martin’s email was sent to:

Smith shopped to 14 NRL clubs
Roosters: Trent Robinson, Craig Walker, Jamie Mathiou, Daniel Anderson
Tigers: Adam Hartigan, Michael Maguire, Warren McDonnell, Scott Woodward
Bulldogs: Dave Hamilton, Mark Hughes, Craig Wilson
Sharks: Glenn Brailey, Darren Mooney, Shane Smith
Raiders: Don Furner, Peter Mulholland, Ricky Stuart
Panthers: Ivan Cleary, Matt Cameron, Jim Jones
Eels: Ben Rogers, Mark O’Neill, Peter Sharp
Sea Eagles: Noel Cleal, John Bonasera, Scott Fulton
Knights: Alex McKinnon, Clint Zammit
Dragons: Ben Haran, Ian Millward
Broncos: Peter Nolan, Simon Scanlan
Cowboys: Peter Parr, Dane Campbell
Rabbitohs: Mark Ellison
Warriors: Peter O’Sullivan
Strangely, no officials from Gold Coast – a club who would likely be interested in luring Smith to Robina - were on the list

Martin’s email reads: “Please note that after advising the Melbourne Storm that Brandon Smith would be looking for a release due to issues surrounding his desire to play exclusively at hooker.

“The Melbourne Storm has given us permission to look for another club based on (certain) conditions.”

His email then provides two paragraphs attributed to Melbourne Storm.

It reads: “Further to previous communications with the club, I can confirm Melbourne Storm grant permission for Brandon Smith to discuss his playing options for the 2022 NRL season with other clubs.

Brandon Smith has become the NRL’s biggest cult figure. Picture: Instagram

Brandon Smith has become the NRL’s biggest cult figure. Picture: Instagram
“In order to achieve this, part of any arrangement moving forward will need to include commensurate compensation for Melbourne Storm, given Brandon’s contractual status, his playing ability and representative status.”

Martin finishes by saying: “If there is any interest in Brandon, please contact myself at a suitable time.”

NRL clubs were busy contacting each other on Monday night to discuss the Smith situation. One recruitment manager said: “He’s on $425,000-a-season but he could get more on the open market.

“I hear there is a representative front-rower that a club would be prepared to release Melbourne. It’s an interesting one.”

One NRL club chief executive is adamant Smith has already decided to join a Sydney-based club.

Cameron Smith is yet to make a decision on his future. Picture: Brett Costello

Cameron Smith is yet to make a decision on his future. Picture: Brett Costello
“I reckon he has a club. He has his buyer. But they are sending it out to everyone in case a club is looking to move a player that might satisfy Melbourne and then the Storm would allow Brandon to leave,” he said.

The cult hero nicknamed The Cheese made 14 runs for 112 metres and completed 18 tackles in Melbourne’s grand final win over Penrith.

He delivered a typically hilarious interview after the match.

“It was pretty good, I mean I played pretty shit tonight but I got the ring,” Smith said.

Harry Grant is likely to take over the hooking role from Cam Smith. Picture: Chris Hyde/Getty

Harry Grant is likely to take over the hooking role from Cam Smith. Picture: Chris Hyde/Getty
“It’s for sale, I need to pay for all the beers I’m about to drink.

Smith was full of praise for the future Immortal he’s been stuck behind in the Storm pecking order.

“To the captain, I hope he can play on,” Smith said.

“I know it’s a tough situation for me but I wouldn’t want him carrying me to another couple of rings, I don’t think we should force him out of the game.

“To Craig, he does nothing pretty much all year. Smithy does all the coaching, (Bellamy) is getting paid lots of money to do piss all.”
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Aug 11, 2017
Probably wont be comming to the Warriors, Manly definately need a hooker, but would like to see him go to the Tigers, those poor bastards need something to go their way after the fucked signings of Reynolds, Mbye, Matulino and Packer.
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