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Jan 26, 2014
Matt lodge
6 foot 3 and a beastly 123 kgs

we as going all in on our forward pack

8 Matt lodge
9 Egan
10 afb
11 Katoa
12 Murchie
13 Harris

14 Lawton.
15 Ah mau
16 evans
17 bmm

Bayley sironen

maybe other fans will be saying we have a sombrero

this pack is a dream come true
I don’t want a fast mobile or modern pack and just want big fuck off forwards and we have them

by the way how are we doing all these signings this is unheard of for warriors teams
Nathan brown must be a really desirable coach
It was said he wins by building a roster as opposed to developing Kents and that is what he is doing
I'm absolutely stoked with that forward pack
It's inevitable that we lose a few favorites next year but .
It's great to see a monster warriors forward pack .

I still wouldn't mind Jack H in there maybe next year


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Jul 1, 2020
The money‘s obviously rediculous but likely incorrect, I mean a Million plus a season is so left field for a prop it can’t be right.

I trust Brown can get more out of him than Seibold from his limited games last season, it’s no secret he had instructions to restrict his game to just carting it up the middle but he‘s a better player than that as he proved in 2019,

At 25 his best years are ahead of him and it looks likely Ah Mau won’t be given the obligatory over 30’s retirement package.


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Apr 18, 2012
Shit journalism (I hope). No way he could command $1 million a season, that's best prop in the game money. He's $600-$800k player MAX. The guy hasn't even made origin, and has a shit stained past.

Also, there is no way RTS, Lodge and AFB (who is meant to be on $800k+) could fit in the cap. That would be 3 mill in 3 players. Bullshit.

I'd probably take him at $2 mill over 3 seasons perhaps, but still think we should be investing more into a top half (not Hughes BTW), and back ourselves to develop AFB's starting prop partner. He's a very good front rower, but would seem to much cap in props with not enough kicking/play making to back it up.


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Feb 24, 2013
Neither here nor there on lodge and unsure on what the lrice might be.
But i am happy with out pack and our backs need upgrading so bringing another higher end foward in is going to blow that balance. With all the talk of getting the balance right I doubt this is true unless a big player leaves


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Apr 12, 2012
Hamilton, New Zealand
Putting aside the fact that I don't want an act of nepotism bringing this absolute fuckwit to our club and the fact our forward pack is already looking stacked while our halves/hooking situation isn't too flash ... did anybody watch him play this year? The cu** was straight up useless and he's almost definitely one of the dinosaurs being weeded out of the NRL through the zero tackle rule. He's too big, too slow, too ineffective with the new rules.

Between the hard push for JDB, signing AFB and now going after this cu**, I really don't like where the club is heading. I'm really really sick of losing, but I was so proud of us this year. We stood up as role models and now management is flushing every bit of culture we may have been finally building down the toilet.

I fucking hate the prospect of this signing. It makes no sense aside from getting POS's entire shitcunt family over here.


Mar 30, 2012
He's $600-$800k player MAX
Hes on 600-700k currently (2020) and was ranked alongside Adam Blair at 67th spot in the top 100 paid players list that the nrl released this year. Warriors definitely offered him considerably more in 2019 which even he stated was hard to knock back. Would hazard a guess our new offer to him would be similar. A ray of hope is that Walters didn't seem to be too much of a fan of him so may chip in...but they just let ofahengaue go so who knows. If broncos chip in and we pay 600k max I wouldn't be too upset from a salary cap POV. Morally, I'm not even sure if he deserved to restart his career so soon, let alone us paying him decent coin to join us.


May 13, 2017
Mt. Smart
Havn't read any previous posts, or been on in months. But saw an article about us possibly signing Lodge today. Needed to log in and just say POS if you're somewhere lurking this forum reading this...solid F*** YOU and your nepotism kaka!!

Enjoy the off season boys & girls. For the love of baby jesus let this be scummy off-season journalism lies.


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Feb 19, 2017
I can't see how we could afford him... ?
Hope it doesn't cost us tohu - could definitely see him replacing Ah mau though

Tim burgess

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May 20, 2012
I would be surprised if the club were still interested especially with LAM and AFB now at the club. More so, on the suggested money he would be wanting. It could leave the club lopsided in salary cap spend.

However, if true doesn't it smell a suspect that POS son and son in law are at the club??

PNG Kiwi

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Apr 11, 2016
Hes on 600-700k currently (2020) and was ranked alongside Adam Blair at 67th spot in the top 100 paid players list that the nrl released this year.
I think it is speculation, based that his brother in law is now in the team, and his father in law is the recruitment manager.

Only way he gets in is that someone senior is leaving, hopefully not Tahu Harris. You would think our cap space is getting close, and we are not the Roosters.

I sense the mood of the fans, that we previously were happy for any bigger players, but now it absolutely must complement the balance of the team.
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