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Tony Martin

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Jun 4, 2016
Pretty sure he was referring to Smith not Hughes..
Jahrome Hughes will be at the Titans in 2022. It’s so obvious.

He’s a Titans junior and has said publicly that he wants to be in the Gold Coast and set up his family there.

Ash Taylor is off-contract at the end of 2021, which frees up $1m.

Let’s turn our attention elsewhere.
All signs are pointing to him signing with the titans.
I’m hoping Kodi goes well this year and he decides to stay.
However if we were going to the open market for a half I wouldn’t mind the club looking at Aiden Sezer. He was a bit of a gun in his last year with the Raiders


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Jul 18, 2013
I’m hoping Kodi goes well this year and he decides to stay.
If Kodi goes well this year and is injury free, he will definitely opt out and sign a new contract.

He still may re-sign with the Warriors, but he will want more years.

On the flip side, if he's injured or plays poorly, he will opt in.

Player options are legit death traps.

The Falcon

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Jun 20, 2017
I listened to guys on the fifth and last podcast today and they were giving their pics of players of the years rookies, emerging talent etc and interesting many were earmarked early by The Warriors but couldn’t get the deal completed, Koroisau, Rudolf, Tino .
Tino I think is the one that got away, he’s looking awesome.
The scouting is spot on and with our recent signings should help converting a few more over the next two years. Lodge to The Warriors to me doesn’t make sense as mobility is going to be important part of the forward pack and I wonder if adding him it starts to look a little ‘top heavy’ and Jacki g mobility


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Mar 30, 2012


Matt lodge
6 foot 3 and a beastly 123 kgs

we as going all in on our forward pack

8 Matt lodge
9 Egan
10 Addin Fonua-Blake
11 Katoa
12 Murchie
13 Harris

14 Lawton.
15 Ah mau
16 evans
17 Ben Murdoch-Masila

Bayley sironen

maybe other fans will be saying we have a sombrero

this pack is a dream come true
I don’t want a fast mobile or modern pack and just want big fuck off forwards and we have them

by the way how are we doing all these signings this is unheard of for warriors teams
Nathan brown must be a really desirable coach
It was said he wins by building a roster as opposed to developing Kents and that is what he is doing
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