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May 13, 2017
Mt. Smart
Thank you man. All this negativity on this forum about the pt swap for walsh. If pt was any good he would be in the team instead of sos. Im stoked we get wlash early and hopefully get him on one of the wing spots (rid one propwing) and play some games.
Turner is a running 6, and SOS is an organising 7. CHT was our 7 and got injured, that's why SOS is playing.


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Mar 3, 2014
Makes me think we must have someone lined up. If we are happy to let a ball running half go, are we keeping Kodi? Are we looking at bringing someone else in? I like halves with speed as it demands the defence to engage them and potentially opens other opportunities. Thats why I am upset with potentially losing PT, he is quick and elusive, exactly what we lack. We would do well to have both him and Walsh in the team somewhere.


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May 8, 2012
North Shore
Apparently the Broncos are looking like fools because we’ve given them one of our top 30 squad members for one of their development players, meaning Turner becomes apart of the broncos 30. Wonder if this is intentional and we’re trying to get someone else at the broncos. Read something about Cory Paix the other day.
Ooooh that's a juicy rumour.. I'd take him for sure!
Turner for Paix and an extra year of Walsh :cool:
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Apr 11, 2016
This is what I see as well. Or come off the bench as a hooker/3rd half/lock type role, similar to benji or mbye or Watson. He’s clearly been viewed as better than turner (with good reason), so he will be used
We've also gotten in some really good ones though to be fair. Addin Fonua-Blake, Ben Murdoch-Masila and Siro look good. Unfortunate we're stuck paying out the arse for FuSHITua and Ken though. It pretty much ruins our prospects for fixing the backline and spine short term.

as a winger/halves back up, and learning under RTS, much like RTS was moulded under mini before making the transition. I’d love to see him on the wing, at the expense of Fusitua or ken to offer something different. I also think he could bring a different element coming off the bench against tired forwards as a 3rd half, like the players I compared to above


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Dec 7, 2018
Said he looked promising on the 1 game he had
I thought he looked promising too. And I'm not convinced letting him go is the right thing to do.
Going forward I can only assume CHT will be 1 half and we are looking to recruit the other.
At that point Paul Turner needs to move to progress his career.
As a development player Walsh would be able to play for us after round 10, so unless RTS is a bit crook I don't understand the talk about giving him a top 30 spot now.


Interesting, Turner isn't heading to Brisbane.

That’s an even bigger stuff up than james hooper earlier the broncos only have 28 players contracted it’s just some he has conjured up... no 29th man has been announced and their is definitely a 30th spot left for Turner... I think yes they may have been caught off guard but they are most likely willing to accommodate for him


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May 19, 2012
Interestingly this article from last year mentioned PT's preferred position is Fullback - I wonder if he was the one that initiated the swap request after learning he's behind Walsh now?

Im sure Payten said the same thing after his debut game. Said he was a better fullback/open field runner than a half. Something like that.
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May 10, 2012
"In some positive recruitment news for the Warriors, their star fullback signing from next year, Brisbane’s Reece Walsh, has been given permission to join the club immediately. The Broncos had hoped to receive rookie playmaker Paul Turner in return via a player-swap deal, but it appears they may not be able to accommodate him."



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Sep 1, 2015
I'm not too fussed about the Turner situation. He looked reasonably promising in the one NRL game he played, but that was it. He's barely been sighted since. He's also not an 18 year old whiz kid, like Walker at the Roosters. He turns 21 soon and the fact that he's so far back in the queue, well behind even a journeyman like SOS, tells you something about how not just Brownie, but SK, Payten, and POS previously, perceive him. He may well go onto great things, but I can't help but think he's just another in this long line of homegrown mediocre halves we all vest way too much confidence in: Ata, Carlos, Clarke ... CHT.

Either way, it can't hurt to get Walsh early. He may as well get a taste of Warrior's life and spend some time with one of his idols. If nothing else, Brownie has a good track record of identifying and blooding young talent. He did that at effectively at the Knights. All their star players of today (Pearce and Klemmer aside) were youngsters Brownie threw into the deep end (KP, Saifiti bros, Bradman Best). So I'm sure he'll have a good sense for when and where to get Walsh into the team.

However, he's not going to solve the chronic issue at the club: the 9, 7, 6 combo. None of them are a threat to the defensive line. Well, Kodi might be if he could be arsed to run the ball. But without that offensive impact from the three players who handle the ball the most, we're automatically relegated to a mid-tier team ... again. I have no idea who POS and Brownie are looking at to fix the problem. There aren't many realistic options, honestly. All the talk of Reynolds is fanciful. There's simply no way he'd move to NZ. So who does that leave us? Perhaps they think the key is finally unlocking Kodi's confidence/undoubted potential. Unfortunately, better coaches than Brownie have tried and failed.


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Mar 27, 2016
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