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Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
I like them, but wish that the main jumper had the white in it. As the colours were meant to represent the land of the long white cloud some white would have gone down well with me. Stupidly the one i am most likely to buy would be the black, to go with all my other black .... Yea thats um, im not saying im colour adverse but......


Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies

Just bought this off the Canterbury website. It's basically everything I've ever wanted.
ohhh me likey. I think i just saw my Xmas present. Just went online to get and its not showing. had to change to NZ website, its not on offer in Aus.
ohhh me likey. I think i just saw my Xmas present. Just went online to get and its not showing. had to change to NZ website, its not on offer in Aus.
Yeah I'm in the UK so have just messaged my Mum to expect it arriving at hers. Warriors store ships to here but Canterbury doesn't as they have a local site, but you only get a couple of jerseys on there and that's about it.
The original colours are the best. Everything looks pretty good, I like the subtle additions, but I don't know why they took the white collar away. I might get used to the new blue jersey, but after making a quick comparison up, I like it the original, white collar way.
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I quite like the look of the black jersey with the green logo, might get one of those... when they go on special. Green training tee is cool, and I definitely want a flannel shirt! 👍

Good images available on the store site:
Just my personal opinion but I prefer the extra blue over the white. Less colours used the cleaner it is.

10/10 from me and like others I like the black as well.

I like the green training but don’t really associate it as one of our core colours.
Always an exciting and somewhat nervous wait for the new jersey to be revealed and CCC delivered once again in my eyes.
The slight change up of the Home jersey really works in terms of the white swapping to blue, the CCC branding changing slightly and the sleeve sponsor swap.
The jerseys are locked in for two years I believe and I wouldn't mind if they went back and forward between this one and the one we had in 2019/20 with the white every two years for the foreseeable future.
You look at all the successful teams in world sport and their jerseys stay consistent for long periods of time. It makes sense for many reasons.
I'm glad we haven't gone back to the black as a main jersey, to me that steps on the NZRL toes a little. Let the Kiwis own the black jersey in terms of league.
Away jersey I've been waiting on for a long time as the 95 Away jersey is my favourite of all. Not 100% sold on it but I think it will grow on me. Somebody mentioned a red collar, maybe it needed a red stripe around the neck? Think once I see it on field I will get behind it as another classic. The back looks great, would be cool if they put a red number on it.
I really like the training jersey with the V, wonder if lower grades will wear that one in games?
I also like the Ugly long sleeve supporter rugby jersey. The one in 2019 was great and this one is even better. Another thing I wanted for years was a long sleeve like this for us to wear in the stands at games and they've given us two now. Hope they continue with that.
I enjoy reading everybody's thoughts on the jerseys.
It's easy to hate on change or the lack of it at times but I think we will look back at this era of jerseys and supporter gear very fondly in the future.
Supporters gear is so underwhelming and limited. There should be at least 15 t shirt styles , 10 sweatshirt styles, headwear etc. They should be killing it, instead we get to chose from 3 jerseys and half a dozen tops 💩
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