Its all very unlikely with the large gap between us, but if they lose their last 2 games as well, you never know if we win the next 3. We need beat the eels first. :). But I fancy we might beat the Sharks even with Johnson and they have Roosters and Raiders last 2 games. Tough Gig. So you never know.

Tigers are possible still with their ability and FnA. If only we hadnt lost by so much in so many games.
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Yesterdays loss was definitely two nails in the coffin but I definitely dont think were out of it and I’m suprised all the Fox pundits were so adamant the Top 8 is locked in.

Obviously we need to win all 3 remaining games...thats a given. But the Sharks run home is next level hard. Throw in Townsend and Grahams suspensions for 2+ weeks, Johnsons groin injury and them over achieving all year I’d say the chances of them losing all three are fairly high.

Looking forward to next weekend, Canberra are likely to be without Papali which obviously helps us too.

The Tigers run home is equally hard and I cant see them winning all three against Rabbits, Storm and Eels.

Still a LONG shot but weve still got more than a chance. Dont need to worry about point dif...just win the next 3 and in all likelihood were in.


This year yet?
With the way the NRL like to ride their “stories” *cough*influenced results*cough* it’s a shame they aren’t jumping on the Warriors making the 8 “story” wed likely only last a week in the finals but it’d sure help reignite some interest and goodwill- guess the “script” is already written this year
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Should nail the sharks in theory .. but shit with the track record of officials screwing us and qld teams and favouring the Sydney teams like the sharks 7 tackle try against the Cowboys a few years back etc.. so its to early to make a call IMO.. sounds silly with only 3 games left but .. I just dont trust the officials
So, we didn't make the finals but given all the disruptions this year including restarting the season, change of coach, Green leaving (which looks more like a positive now) players going home, loan players.... plus a few dozen other things, for the first time since 2011, I'm really proud off the team, coach and staff.

What remains to be seen is whether the attitude amongst the team/squad remains the same next year. There has been so very few times in the last decade when the Warriors side has got me out off my seat (except to look for something to throw at the TV) but the freedom and spirit they've played with over the last few weeks has had me jumping around the Lounge and, even though we haven't made the finals, renewed my passion for the team again.

Brown, please, please let them play with this same freedom. No, more than that, encourage it, build systems around it and let them play at the level we've seen them throughout the second half of this season next year. A few of the teams in the finals this year will be looking over their shoulders to see the Tamworth Warriors chasing after them for their finals spot!!!
Dumb .
I have a small feeling that that was our shot at it .
Totally new team in next year .
I can see them going back to the same old warriors shit .

Don't know how brownie will go
Don't know how Payton will go personalities an environments are not always interchangeable .
But shit we got some drama an excitement out of this season .

At least we don't ever have to hear a coach tell us we don't have the players ever again . Because this team proved that's bull shit
Same with all the other excuses .We can't change or drop players because statistics say the team has to stay together .Bull shit
Every excuse for not winning is bullshit .
2020 year of the warrior