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I think the club just didn’t rate Keighran as a half.
I’m unsure about slade. The club seems to be distancing itself from the hardworking midget types
O'Sullivan isn’t an improvement though. His 2019 ICS highlights package on YouTube shows he struggles with creativity just like AK. It’s just all inside passes or one out plays. At least AK has a kicking game and goal kicking he can rely on as a half.

Slade was listed as 6'1 on his management profile when it was up. But you’re right his ceiling is low because his game relies on that “hard working” game play style. Not the type I’m necessarily a fan of either.

The other options are Kalepo and Otukolo, who are both still too green for 2021 first grade minutes.

Jayden Nikorima played most his career as a half and we just signed Sean O’Sullivan as our fourth and final half. Unless they view J Nikorima as more a hooker. His body looks in good shape, looks mentally sharpe.
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We went into the season after Shaun Johnson left with no number 7. Blake Green left mid season, and Chanel Harris-Tavita was brought in. Showed he was not up to it, and they are planning next season with Chanel Harris-Tavita and Sean O'Sullivan an un proven player as a back up. I guess signing Sean O'Sullivan and having Chanel Harris-Tavita the warriors really will be calling out an Sean O'Sullivan but no one is going to be able to Save Our Souls ! you need a number 7 who is proven to win the comp!
Kodi Nickorema on the up
Chanel Harris-Tavita has a heap more experience now
O sullivan I have been informed he sucks
Jayden Nickorema a pretty good bet
Turner is dangerous
Pernham my favorite back
Enough options two of them at least will be adequate
I think playing behind our new pack even average halves will look good


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