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Someone posted elsewhere that Souths are releasing James Roberts and would we be interested in him. Please choose from one of the following four options:
1. No, he's too toxic.
2. Hell no, we're trying to improve the club's culture.... not send it backwards.
3. Not over my dead grandmother's grave.
4. All of the above.
James Robert is something I hold against Wayne Bennett. He - WB - decided he had to hold James to different standards than he did other players in the Rabbitohs. If true, that's a recipe for a complete fucking disaster in terms of the good old "Losing the dressing room" thing. Bennett can probably get away with that because of who he is and what he's done, but imagine that at the Warriors:

Warriors Captain: Coach, why is it Player L's fined $500 for getting on the piss when James did the same thing and you're going to have a chat and that's it?
Warriors Coach: Ah, Captain, it's difficult. See, James has a problem.
Warriors Captain: Ever think Player L might as well? And if not the same problem, he's obviously got a problem...

Essentially, JR would do himself a massive favour by taking some serious time out of big-time league (go back to his junior club, keep his hand in), fix whatever mental demons he has - or learn how to cope with them - and come back to NRL (maybe ESL?) a better player/person.
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Billy Teets James

messaged POS on insta and he said he would only chase hughes if kodi was to decline his player option, He also said that kotoni staggs doesn't want to come to NZ so stop dreaming about him coming
I just messaged POS on Instagram to. He said stop dreaming about Brandon Smith. His name starts with a B (For Bloods) And the warriors are a Crip team.
So we are going after Crichton(Stephen) & Crichton(Angus) Cameron(Smith)
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