General 2020 Warriors Player of the Year

Who was the Warriors player of the year?

  • Tuivasa-Sheck

  • George Jennings

  • Hiku

  • Nikorima

  • Harris-Tavita

  • Egan

  • Taunoa Brown

  • Harris

  • Katoa

  • Tevaga

  • Murchie

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Good, so he should have. As for Wighton - hope I’m not the only one that thinks the media’s fascination with him goes far beyond his actual ability. Comparisons to the great Lozza Daley are disgraceful, Wighton isn’t even close.

Well he’s a funny one for me because I always rated him- go back 5 years and you’ll find posts from me imploring the club to sign him (I had heard he was being shopped round as a 5/8 because Canberra wouldn’t play him there) but since then he’s gone from underrated to overrated.
He had some hot games at the end of the year but no way he deserved dally m- the Clive Churchill was a joke last year too (as they usually are).
Seems to be the media darling at the moment.
Laurie Daley? Yeah well Carlos tuimave was compared to him as well 😂
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