General 2020 Warriors Player of the Year

Who was the Warriors player of the year?

  • Tuivasa-Sheck

  • George Jennings

  • Hiku

  • Nikorima

  • Harris-Tavita

  • Egan

  • Taunoa Brown

  • Harris

  • Katoa

  • Tevaga

  • Murchie

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The season has come to an end for the Warriors and it’s time to reflect on our year.

Who was our best player this year?

Also comment on:
- best first year first grade player
- biggest improver/ pleasantly surprised
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My player of the year - Tohu Harris. Solid and reliable. Led the meters, made his tackles and low error rate. Played where needed across the forwards and was the old head that led from the front in a pack that was missing experience. Honourable mention to Hiku.

Best first year player - Katoa! Has the physical attributes to go far but more importantly has the footy brain well beyond his years. Future superstar. Honourable mention to Jamayne Tounua-Brown, Egan and Murchie. Futures looking bright.

Most improved / surprise- many options here. Murchie started off overweight but was on fire by season end. Egan always had potential and matured across the season. But for me it was Tevaga. Not a fan in previous years but I don’t think it’s a coincidence our form improved when he came back from injury mid season. More than his skills it’s his attitude that spreads to the players around him and makes him worth more than his ball in hand contribution alone. Cut the errors and silly play and chose his runs better. Good year.


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Harris - solid throughout 2020.

Also: Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Hiku

Best First Year:

Katoa - this kid has it and will only get better with experience

Also: Murchie - big improver and solid runner, JBT - will only get better

Surprise packet / most improved:

Most improved: Nikorima - without Green was able to play his natural game. Still needs to demand the ball and run with it more , has a great shirt kicking game.

Surprise packet: Hetherington - didn’t know anything about him and in that first game he showed our guys how to run hard and also how off load.

Payten - A surprise in that when SK had them they seemed destined for a bottom two finish. He turned them around and they played old school Warriors footy.


Torrwho Harris, landslide, like when mannering used to always win by default, played every game, never plays bad, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck had some stinkers.

If it was attack only, Hiku is so good at that side of things.

Rookie Katoa, honestly how has it taken this long too find a standout union convert that isn't 5 ft 3

Most improved (from last season) Karl Lawton had a good year, and avoided getting injured for a change, Nikorima's good weeks came around more often
Definitely Harris,week in week out.

Katoa rookie of the year.

Captain fantastic for his leadership that became very obviousl by his example of personal sacrifice. Roger although not super consistent with form, played some vintage games.

For a team of basically average players who under Todd Peyton found believe and played to their natural ability.

To the young guys who got game time you did not let us down.

We salute you all.
Agree with Harris and Katoa. Probably more importantly for me was that individually, and as a squad they all improved. Some more than others but that is to be expected.

Their teamwork has been off the charts as well as my personal bugbear over the years, distribution. They are playing for each other.

One cautionary note is that they need to keep focussed on the team which will be harder out of lockdown.
What a year for the warriors,This is definitely one for the history books! Its so good to hear Australians talk well about the warriors for a change. Well done to the CEO of the nrl for personally turning up there to thank them, that was a nice touch.

Player of the year. T Harris Hands down! At the start of the year I told my mates that if we are to have a decent year this year we would need Tohu Harris fit for the whole season and boy he played the house down week in week out. Honorable mentions. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, P HIKU.

Rookie of the year. J T Brown. Man at the start of the year when we were loosing props for the season this guy walked in with no nrl experience what so ever! He played a simple but effective game and was so durable. His form did taper off at the end but man this guy is only going up! Great season for a rookie in such a physical position. Hats off to P O'Sullivan! . Honorable mention Katoa, Egan

Most improved. Nikorima
Biggest surprise. Todd Payten.
Pretty much same as everyone else...

Player of the year- harris.
Roger Tuivasa-Sheck has become a victim of his own success in a way- tops the comp for run meters- nothing to see here- just par for coarse.
Tohu Harris was colossal tho and deserves it.

Rookie- katoa has been a revelation.

Surprise package- Murchie- when we got him on loan I thought what are we getting this nuftie for and his first couple of games seemed to confirm his orange eater status but he came home with a wet sail- hope he can kick it up another notch next year.


POY - Bush Warrior in a landslide, what a beast mr consistent.

ROY - I can't split Jamayne Tounua-Brown and Katoa. Katoa for raw talent. Jamayne Tounua-Brown for turning up every week in the middle in your rookie year is outstanding stuff.

MIP - Murch, the improvement shown from early season to late season was awesome. Great cheap pickup we nabbed there.

CMOTY - Uncle Rog, what a man. He is a leader of men, and our el capiton. Hoping the new coaching staff can unlock Rog's attack in 2021.
Tohu Harris my player of the year but Roger Tuivasa-Sheck must be a favorite for NRL captain of the year with what hes managed to do.
Yeah cant argue with Katoa for rookie of the year he was awesome.
Improved would be Murchie or Chanel Harris-Tavita for me, but probably Chanel Harris-Tavita would get the nod, he defends well supports well and his kicking both from the tee and on the fifth tackle have come a long way.
He still seems to struggle to break the line and we rely on Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and Kodi for that but even still Chanel has come in from the fringe to a NRL starting half in the second half of the season...Blake who?

(Joking - I like Blake)
Who was our best player this year?

I'm giving it to Katoa, he was our best attacking weapon and it's his first year of league, I would look forward everything time he had the ball, almost like our version of Kikau, but not as good yet. Tohu Harris was our most consistent, not necessarily the best.

- best first year first grade player - that would have to be Katoa

- biggest improver/ pleasantly surprised - Lawton - always gives 100%, but has shown this year he's also a good footballer.

Clubman - Roger Tuivasa-Sheck

Loanee - Mad Jack, followed by Jennings

Most improved - joint winners - Murchie and Chanel Harris-Tavita. Murchie, is really cementing his spot in the team and Chanel Harris-Tavita showing that more game time will turn him into a regular first grader.
Harris - POTY

HM - Hiku , Roger Tuivasa-Sheck , Kodi, Jazz

Rookie of the year - Katoa

HM- Pompey , Murchie , Turner , Jamayne Tounua-Brown

Most Improved - Lawton

HM - Pompey , Hayze , Chanel , Burr

Clubman award - Roger Tuivasa-Sheck

HM - Hiku

Loanee of the year- George Jennings

HM - Hethro

TBH the whole team was great only players I Thought didnt offer much were Curran , Beale and Papalii
I thought Papalii was Ok, good tough aggression in the middle and was an important part of the late season charge. Curran and Beale did what they could but never really grabbed their (in Beales case many) chance.