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May 14, 2012
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That was about it, an uneventful Q&A.
Thanks for sharing bro. Was hoping someone had asked about their strategy re: youth and development pathways and the changes on that end, but no dice. On the positive side though, it sounds like they're committed to getting this coaching appointment right. The Walker Brothers 1 year gamble was a titillating story but probably doomed to end in tears. Happy they see things similarly and want someone to preside over a real project.


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Jun 22, 2012
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On Sunday at the members event at Mt Smart, the club held a brief Q&A with Cameron George and Rob Croot.

Here are some notes from the Q&A.

The club like us, are not expecting much from the rest of this season, usually they talk themselves up about making the 8, there was no mention about this. They just hoping to win some games.

The Butch went off at Rob Croot about not wearing his warriors gear to the event.

My observation with Croot that he is quite reserved, which is unlike Robinson who is the opposite.

Croot said that no decision has been made re the new coach and that they are only halfway through the interview process. He said that media reports about the Walker brothers etc were totally incorrect. The club wants to keep their final decision on the new coach tight lipped until they are ready to make announcement to fans. It will be interesting to see if this happens especially with Robinson.

Regarding recruitment, do not expect any major announcements until a new coach is appointed. They want the new coach to be able to have players he wants.

So, any speculation of having a coach signed for one year will never work if they want the coach to a large input on recruitment.

The club are also talking about another rebuild so in other words don’t expect much in the way of results in the next few years.

They are not expecting to have much joy with finding replacement players for those heading home. Other clubs are struggling with injury etc and will be reluctant to loan players.

A question was asked about if the players coming from Australia should play local club football. The idea was not ruled out but from my observation the club would be reluctant to do so even though in my opinion they should.

They will never move the club to Australia

The club is wanting to do move member events.

That was about it, an uneventful Q&A.
Thank you.
* At least now we have some idea of what is intended going forward
- absolutely nothing. At least we won't be disillusioned when our high expectations don't even come close to the actual reality of ongoing disappointment
* In light of the above good luck to them holding more member functions. They will have bugger all members to entertain
* " They will never move the club to Australia" . Another few years like we have experienced & it may not be an option. I won't be sticking around too long for the next coming.

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