State of Origin 2020 - SOO Game 3


He was fucking me off big time lol.

"He's the fastest man on the planet!"
"He's the fastest man on the planet!"
"He's the fastest man on the planet!"

Ahh farkup Gus you twat...
Also being fast doesn't mean he would score.

How many times did Holmes look for all money to score and fuck up the catching the ball bit?

So far from a pen try but an easy professional foul.
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Pleased Queensland got the chocolates/prawns last night.

Still not sure whether I prefer S of O at end of season.
It feels right being there, as it's a level above NRL and where the best eligible players from the NRL should go (in theory if not practice).
It's always annoying when there's a blockbuster NRL game semi-ruined because the best players are in Origin Camp in mid-July.
It feels a bit empty the Warriors beating a team without their best players becuase they're in Origin Camp.
The broadcasters lurve it mid-NRL season and so do the fans, by and large. Also, Wednesday is "clear air" as far as sports coverage goes.

Can Gus please spend the off-season learning sign language to prepare for his new role in 2021? Or maybe once he's more involved with the Warriors the Aussie media won't want him on air as much?
Didn't and haven't seen any of the game yet but its interesting reading fox league/ sites they are so biased, how NSW were robbed bla bla bla and then you read neutral comments and its like, um, nar. Glad Queensland won, would love to have seen more of Brimson and Oates and less of Holmes - and as for Harry Grant, take a bow son on all accounts, your going to be a superstar. :cool:
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Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
See Kevvie that's how you coach.

I've never thought of Walter's as much of a coach. He doesn't sound very smart commentating.

It doesn't matter how many "old boys" he brings back to the Broncos they still wont be that good.
Funny cause i thought that showed Freddy as a non coach, whereas Bennett set up a good game plan, it was more with individual brilliance from a couple of players that they won, and they came really close to not
actually its only in QLD every second year....
Not strictly true.

12 times since 2000 game 3 has been in QLD, 7 in NSW and 1 in Melbourne.

In the last 4 seasons there has been 1 game 3 held in NSW.

Overall 10 more games have been played in QLD than NSW.

They always seem to get the rub of the green when it comes to the format and play deciders at Suncorp.

I realise that's a sad way to spend 10 mins of my time but there you go :D
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