General 2019 Warriors Membership Thread

You should probably talk to the labour dept if you're not getting 4 weeks holiday a year.
I doubt the office staff have much time off during the year, and probably work long hours during the NRL season.
I’ve never heard of anyone being forced to use their entire years annual leave in one lump period.
Hard luck if you only started in’re taking unpaid leave these holidays.
Got my season passes yesterday, got 2 adult and 2 x kids, the adult ones came with drink bottle and a flimsy backback that folds up to wallet sized and also got a sticker. No cool hat like last year but half the price for adult tickets so cant complain. Still waiting for my carpark pass.
Update, since "ramping up" and then being told they are on holiday....I got an email!

Basically I got the car freshener because that was the promotion of the day! I'm available for suggestions when it comes scent names. So far I have:

Pine Freshie
Lavender Losers
Lemon Gone Warriors

Anyhoo, the pack is not far away from being posted. So I've told the Pacific fleet to stand down until further notice.
Just received my three memberships in the post.

Got the $199 ones and all I received were three membership cards and three lanyards.

I wasn't expecting a cap as that had already been cleared up but I thought maybe a sticker or a pin might be included.
Got an email back from the membership team today about the missing hat.. apparently it was an error and a cap is on its way to me. Wonder how many people don’t bother following up and don’t get anything!
Looks like I got the same copy/paste reply, which I’m fine with, they obviously realised the error & have let everyone know that has contacted them


Warriors Orange Peeler
Got mine just over a week ago. Still waiting for the super membership and Mad Butcher lounge tickets...

Got this email from the club today...

Happy New Year!

We’re counting down to kicking off what promises to be a huge season.

Thank you for signing up as a member for 2019.

As a 2019 supporter pack member, you receive the following member benefits:
  • 2019 Vodafone Warriors member cap (adults), membership pass and lanyard
  • Kids get a membership pack including a 25th season Vodafone Warriors fold-up backpack, drink bottle, sticker, membership pass and lanyard
  • 10% merchandise discount online at
  • Exclusive membership communications
  • 10% ticket discount to Vodafone Warriors regular season home games at Mt Smart
  • Second-priority ticketing access to NRL Finals and State of Origin
We have been made aware that several of our away members have not received their membership caps with their purchase. We apologise about this error and would like to let you know that a replacement membership cap is being processed for you.

If you have any questions or issues, please don’t hesitate to contact the memberships team on 0800 839 839 or

Kind regards,
Vodafone Warriors memberships team
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phoned this am Cap on its way as it should been sent with my away membership
They are also sending one down to Gore to Son in Law (moved down from Auckland)last year to teach as I usually give it to him
Awesome customer service from the club today
Son in Laws cap arrived via courier today in Gore . Still waiting for mine at the Mt but have to admit that’s bloody awesome service as I only phoned yesterday :)
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