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NRL’s $250,000 splurge to remove Australian links from game logo
Dean Ritchie, The Daily Telegraph
September 27, 2018 12:23pm

THE NRL has outlaid massive money for a logo rebrand which has simply removed the gold in two chevrons and the Southern Cross stars.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal the new logo is now all green without the five iconic stars.

Insiders claim the cost to implement such minimal alterations would cost between $200,000 and $250,000.

While the NRL would not comment on the cost of the rebrand or why it was undertaken, it is understood the new logo is slowly starting to be unveiled across the game despite the league yet to formally announce the changes.


The new NRL logo looks markedly similar to the old.

The new logo is basic in design and colour.

All NRL signage will now need to be changed at a hefty cost.

Aside from signage, the NRL will also need to replace stationery, promotional gear, pull-up banners, social media and email logos and even calendars to include the new logo.

All employee business cards would also have to be replaced.

It is understood the giant logo on the Rugby League Central building in Moore Park will also have to be changed.

One theory behind why the Southern Cross stars had been erased was that it could make the game more marketable overseas.


Our artist changed the old logo into the new logo in just five minutes... and for a hell of a lot cheaper than $250,000.

Two NRL club chief executives agreed the money spent on the rebrand could have been injected into junior development or country rugby league.

One club official who contacted The Daily Telegraph to vent his frustration said: “Why would you go to all that cost to change it? You know the NRL logo has the Southern Cross on it? It doesn’t anymore.

“They have gone and done a rebranding exercise. I’m amazed nobody has picked up on it.

“They spent a disgusting amount of money changing their logo when all they have done is remove the Southern Cross stars and change it to all green.

“New business cards for everybody, letterheads, websites, the whole place is getting redone with the new logos.

“There is a lot of money being spent on changing the logos everywhere. It’s now a simple, plain, one colour logo with two chevrons on it.

“You will notice a lot of signage around the NRL has been changing at a lot expense. I have heard they are changing all the logos in the NRL Museum and at the front desk.

“This is happening as we speak.”
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Is that pricing in the total for the redesign including the Head Office branding, stationary etc or just for the design?

I used to work for a global company and everyone when nuts with the stationary when the company changed names. Seeing as it happened often and always minor I could't see why some of the old stuff couldn't be used internally. I worked in the IT department and our budgets were always getting scaled back and here we were throwing a lot of stuff in the trash for a bunch of people in the States no one will ever see.

The Daily Telegraph is always on the case about NRL costs. Sure they should be held accountable but the way they carry on you would think the NRL report to them.

Relating back to my story above. I have seen articles about all clubs throughout Australia getting NRL branded logos. Are they playing with old gear/logos next year is all new kit being sent out?


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Is that pricing in the total for the redesign including the Head Office branding, stationary etc or just for the design?
I imagine it's just for the redesign.
The NRL would have employed a branding agency, being a large corp brand themselves.
There would have been market assessment etc and a creative team employed, which will always cost a fair bit of cash. It might look like the end result is trivial. But there would have been many hours of grunt work done. Add in large agency overheads and you have a huge bill at the end.
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What's the purpose though?

Is it to move towards involving more countries ala PNG or Pacific Island nations?

If so it would necessitate a further rebrand to remove the N for National.
I remember 15 or so years ago when i worked for a nationwide appliance and furniture retailer. They had an image of being for older people and didnt seem as hip as the other retailers. They sought a rebrand to appeal to a younger age range. They put $50k into a market study. After several months the rebrand was unveiled. They simply changed the logo by taking it from a horizontal company name to a slight angle of maybe 15°. No wonder they are in financial trouble again.

It seems to me that the NRL are preparing for an international launch. Remove Australian symbolism and begin following the (bad) example of the Kiwis. We will soon see preseason, snd possibly season games in USA, Japan, South Africa, etc.

Maybe we will see a Nines tournament similar to the old Super League World Nines tournament.
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Soccer would be the model to follow.

League doesn't have enough followers or players world wide to go global yet.
If u look at the amount of nations that have played league against other nations over the years, you would be surprised.

I had built a spreadsheet of international teams and results from the first All Golds Northern Union game. Unfortunately it corrupted and i lost it all. There were over 70 countries.

The world is ready for truly international league. But it needs real pushing from the standard powerhouses. And events like a World Nines could make that happen. Id love to see the the Maltas, Chech Republics, Russias, Norways, Jamaicas, etc playing in multi-grade tournaments. There are endless countries wanting to get involved. But it takes a big effort from a few to take the first step. There isnt any international events for these guys to get there chances. The World Cup is too small and elitest now. We need a multi-level World Cup again. Bring in the other trophies, plates, bowls, saucers, tea cups, etc, and we will see the world get involved in our game.

Look at all the current countries interested enough to be part of the RLIF.
You been on ? Brilliant archive
Yeah. I used it to help construct the spreadsheet. Had 90% of what i did. I delved deeper and found some unusual games from unusual nations. 1 was a non-sanctioned match many years ago by 2 small nations. One of them was so new to rugby league that they borrowed the rugby jerseys of the country next door to play the game. I cant even remember who it was. Eastern European country that might not even exist anymore, i think.
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I can’t see rugby league expanding too much internationally. Contact sports are becoming less popular and league will always struggle to over take its higher brother union.